Zuma Describes The Condition Of The Country As Dire


In the terrible situation in which South Africans have found themselves, President Jacob Zuma urged the citizens during freedom day celebration on Wednesday, to always save water.

The president revealed in his Freedom Day speech in Giyani‚ Limpopo that the government has not relented in the search for new sources of water.

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He warned that with the drought sweeping through the country and with some of the country’s provinces having been declared disaster areas‚ extraordinary measures must be taken to bring relief to drought stricken communities. Thus, South Africans should save water to arrest the terrible situation of some provinces.

“Water tankering‚ water restrictions‚ and finding new sources of water‚ especially by exploiting underground sources‚ are some of the efforts employed to reduce communities’ water challenges‚” Zuma added.

President Zuma encouraged all without exception to participate in this project of saving water for the future as the dam levels keep going down.

“The current low dam levels‚ with an expected dry winter season‚ demand of everyone to be part of the national water conservation and demand efforts.

“We must continue to save water. We have no choice‚ the situation is serious and is affecting both households and our farming communities who are supposed to ensure food security in our country‚” he said.

This situation affects both the rich and the poor irrespective of race as the farming communities who are supposed to produce the food we consume are also affected.

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The Water and Sanitation Department said that the recent rains have indeed led to a slight increase in the national dam levels, but then South Africans must not see this brief relief as a cause for celebration.

The department pointed out that the national dam levels which now sits at 53.7% saw a 0.2% increase last week. It is true that the water level increased, but officials say this is far less than the 79.5% recorded during the same period of time last year.