Zuma Has “Thrown Us Under The Bus!” – ANC MPs


ANC MPs (Members of Parliament) based on a City Press findings, are pissed with Zuma and will be venting their anger on him at their caucus meeting next Thursday because of the way he disgraced them at the Constitutional Court after he decided to pay for the unjustifiable money spent on upgrades at his Nkandla home.

As gathered, the ANC MPs wailed that they were thrown under the bus, and are vexed that Zuma decided to listen to a lawyer but consistently neglected the same advice from the ANC. It was disclosed that the ANC MPs and the ANC top six advised the president to pay long before now.

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Stressing that they would have avoided the Constitutional Court humiliation if Zuma had listened to them, an ANC MP reportedly stated that “this thing humiliates the ANC more than anyone else. I mean the entire party, ministers and the Speaker as leader in Parliament.

Another insider commented that “once Zuma is under pressure, he changes without taking you into his confidence.” According to the insider, Madonsela’s Nkandla report offered the right opportunity for Zuma to deal with the Nkandla issue as the report did not specify any amount to be repaid.

“He could have easily paid back then…Instead Nhleko (Police Minister) is now left with egg on his face. He had to be roped in to make up stories to protect the president, only to be tossed aside now and have his report disregarded.”

Meanwhile the president related when he was speaking at New Age breakfast gathering that his decision to pay back is not him admitting any wrongdoing. Zuma pointed out that he never said he wouldn’t pay saying;

“I hear people say I changed my mind. I have not. How could I pay when I did not know how much? I never said I would not pay in any formal setting.”

The spokesperson for the ANC caucus, Moloto Mothapo nevertheless stated that all is well with the ANC. He commented that he isn’t “aware of any displeasure from our MPs,” and added that the ANC is waiting for the outcome of the court case and intends to respect whatever the ruling is.

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