The Accidental President: Zuma And Why SA Is Like This Today


Those that have agreed that South Africa is regressing, have now been given another reason to freely express that the regression is the doing of Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma, – The Accidental President.

Daddy Zuma announced himself an accidental President saying he never wanted to be a President, and never expected that he would become one.

His Excellency revealed this at the Mpekweni Beach Resort near Port Alfred in the Eastern Cape while he was addressing the gathering of the third Amathole regional conference.

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Asserting that he never imagined he’ll be leading South Africa, Mr Zuma appreciated ANC members for bringing him into power.

Thereafter, he stressed that all those agitating he step down as President are wasting their time. He won’t step down until his second term tenure elapses.

Addressing the third Amathole regional conference gathering, President Zuma said:

“I am happy I had time to pass through here to say hello because in December 2017 I will leave this position to the president of the ANC.

I have completed my two terms. So next year I will no longer be talking as a president (of the ANC)).

And I am happy that you gave me the opportunity which I never expected in my life until it happened, that I would ever become a president.”

With that, President Zuma disclosed that he never desired being a President. That’s because he knew the position comes with the responsibility of making difficult decisions which can’t be explained to the populace.

“I did not want to become a president because I knew all these difficulties,” he said. “I did not want to face these, I thought if I could just be there behind leaders assisting…as I used to do…to lead is a difficult thing.

“You are faced with decisions to take and if you have this knowledge it comes even more difficult because you are taking decisions you cannot explain to anyone.

“If you explain it could impact very negatively…You just have to be brave and keep quiet,” Zuma remarked.

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Afterwards, Zuma charged ANC members across the country to hold ANC leaders accountable for their actions.

He said: “Each member of the ANC is as important as another. There is no member who is more important than another. It is us who make some of us look as if they are more important because it is us who elect them.

“The problem that we have is that we are failing to tell our comrades if they go wrong. We become scared of the people we elected.

“You must intervene early when a person is doing wrong in the organisation, and say you are ruining this organisation. And if he does not want to listen, say we are going to remove you.

“If you could treat us like that, we would not do wrong things in the positions you put us in,” Zuma counseled.