ANC Is The Deal, You’ll Be Wasting Votes If You Vote Other Parties – Zuma


Thus saith our beloved President – a well-cast vote is a vote for the ANC, South Africans will be wasting votes if they vote for any party other than the ANC.

Mr President was addressing KwaZulu-Natal ANC manifesto launch gathering on Sunday when he cautioned his audience against wasting votes by voting for another party.

“No one else is going to win the elections but the ANC. If you vote for any other party, what will you be voting for? They are not in government and they will never be so there is nothing that they will do for you,” Zuma asserted.

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He indicated that his party has made progress in improving South Africa. Referring to the report on the financial performance of municipalities, he argued that the results were very encouraging.

“In this province” he said, “over 2.1 households have access to portable water, more than 1.7 million households acre connected to the electricity grid, over 2 million households were connected to sanitation networks and 1.5 million households had access to solid waste management services.”

With that, he urged the people to give ANC an overwhelming support for more positive results and avoid wasting votes.

“If you vote for them (other parties) you are throwing away your vote, you are not investing it. This thing called power, there are different levels, if you win overwhelmingly, you change everyone’s lives.

They are confused and angry, why would you vote for anger? Others are there to disrupt people’s lives and parliament and they don’t respect you, why would you vote for them.

Why would you vote for someone who has no respect, they don’t even know the difference between the elderly and the youth.

You are voting to encourage disrespect in South Africa? There are others campaigning for one thing, they are talking about unemployment (but) are in parliament to earn a salary,” Zuma mocked.

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President Zuma bragged that ANC has done much for South Africa since he came to office, and will do more with the people’s support.

“If you have not received services, we are coming because as the government, we want you to wait, we are coming,” he promised.

Thereafter, he called on ANC members to mobilize support for the party and talk about the good things about South Africa.

“We need to promote and protect our country and spread the news that our country is doing well, this is true and a fact,” Zuma stated.