Zuma Statue: Use That Money For Service Delivery – COPE Slams ANC


Since it emerged that the North West Province’s Department of Arts and Culture plans to create a JG (Jacob Gedleyihlekisa) Zuma capture site in Groot Marico, opposition parties have continued the criticize the move.

The provincial government said the Zuma statue will reflect the arrest of President Zuma by the brutal apartheid security forces at Groot Marico while on his way to exile (Botswana).

The six-meter statue is expected to gulp down a whopping $450,000 and will sit at the capture site.

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The North West also disclosed that the statue will preserve South Africa’s heritage and serve as a great tourist destination as well. In addition, the provincial spokesperson Brian Setswambungand said the site will also create jobs for locals in the area.

The North West Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mr. Joe McGluwa, slammed the ruling party for spending such a huge amount of money on frivolities.

He described the statue as a monument to corruption and urged the ANC to rather use the money for the improvement of the people.

Likewise, COPE spokesperson Dennis Bloem described the massive project as an insult to the poor people of North West. Bloem called on the government to channel the money to job creation and youth empowerment projects; adding that Zuma doesn’t need “another” statue.

“Zuma already built his own statue the day he looted money for Nkandla and we are saying this is enough. We cannot allow this government to continue wasting tax payers’ money. It must come to an end,” Bloem said.

In reaction, North West Premier Supra Mahumapelo’s spokesperson, Brian Setswambung, said that Cope was ill-informed about the project and its cost.

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“The noise about R6m is mind-boggling as the advert has not set any amount. We advise the Cope to revisit the advert and get their facts right.”

Taking a swipe at the DA, Mr. Setswambung described DA’s hatred for President Zuma as very ‘alarming’.

He condemned the Maimane-led for criticizing against any project that seeks to rightfully honour the contribution of President Zuma in the struggle against apartheid.