Sell Part Of Your Nkandla Homestead To Pay Bill – Economist Tell Zuma


Economist Dawie Roodt, has suggested that President Zuma should sell a part of his Nkandla homestead to pay the bill penned on him by the treasury.

This came after President Zuma’s family members including his eldest son and nephew claim not buoyant enough to help him pay off the R7.8 million ordered by the court to pay.

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The Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and his team has in line with the Constitutional Court order, stipulated that President Zuma would pay the sum of R7.8 million as part of money used to refurbish is homestead in Nkandla.

However, the President’s younger brother Michael said in an emotional interview this week that Zuma and the entire family are too poor to meet up with the payment.

He said if the treasury maintains that Zuma alone will pay, he (Zuma) would find it difficult to do so.

“I do not know where he is going to get the money…” said Michael. He said the Zuma family lived the life of any rural family.

Dawie Roodt on his own part, feels there is a great deal of politics at play around the issue.

“There are some significant political undercurrents and narratives playing themselves out at the moment and clearly Zuma is still required by the ANC to achieve the objectives,”said.

Zuma’s eldest son, Edward, was also quoted to have said that the family would not be able to afford the hefty bill that the president needs to pay personally. “We are not a rich family,” he said.

Zuma’s Issues Could Affect ANC Winnings

Meanwhile, the ANC in Gauteng has become worried about the impact President Jacob Zuma could have on the party’s performance in the upcoming local government elections.

Asked if she believed the controversy around the spy tapes and Nkandla could impact the ANC at the polls, Joburg mayoral committee member Ros Greef answered saying:

”We are concerned. I will be open and honest and upfront. We are very concerned that the Nkandla homestead issue as well as the spy tapes issue and other issues pertaining to the current president will impact on the votes”

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As the days meant for President Zuma to completely pay back the stipulated amount draws nearer, Zuma’s family entertain fear that he might soon land in prison if the ruling ANC and supporters decline from helping him.

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