Zuma Seeks France Help In Rebuilding The SA Economy


Deeply concerned about the state of the nation’s economy, President Zuma took great steps in strengthening the France-South African trade relationship as a way of improving the nation’s economy.

At his visit to France, President Zuma signed certain important agreement that will be of benefit not only to the two nations but also to the entire world.

Zuma and the French President Francois Hollande signed that South Africa and France will help resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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The two agreed that resolving the conflict is urgent as ever and that the two-state solution is the only viable solution and must be preserved.

This position was planned in a joint statement released in Paris yesterday after a meeting between President Jacob Zuma and French President Francois Hollande.

The two leaders said they shared a common concern about the political, security and humanitarian situation in the Middle East.

In the statement, Zuma and Hollande agreed on the need to reform the UN and its organs, including the UN Security Council in order to better respond to the challenges facing the international community.

The two countries also agreed to commit themselves to promote the principles of inclusive and balanced development in the global economic and financial system.

“The presidents acknowledge the need to coordinate their efforts, within multilateral instances such as the G20, to curb illicit financial flows,” the statement said.

“Both countries are deeply concerned with the issue of tax and custom revenue evasion, which has a major negative impact on development, especially in African countries.”

“France and SA have common interests and share values, including the promotion of peace and security, human rights, democracy, the rule of law and sustainable development. Bilateral relations are rich and cover a wide variety of fields, especially in education and training, environment, health, transport, energy, research and science, arts and culture,” the statement said.

France’s Role In Building the SA Economy

Part of the reasons for President Zuma’s visit centered on boosting economic relations and trade relationship between the duo.

France was an important trade, investment and tourism partner of SA. In 2015, trade amounted to R33.6bn. the country also played important role in SA’s trade, investment and tourism. In 2015, trade amounted to R33.6bn

The president will also meet with the SA-France Business Forum in a bid to encourage French business to invest in the country, especially in agroprocessing, financial services and the defence industry.

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Today, he will be at the South African War Memorial in Delville Wood, France, to pay tribute to SA soldiers who perished in World War One.

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