Zuma Says “Vote For Another Party And You Waste Your Vote”


 At a fund-raising event for the African National Congress (ANC) held in Pretoria, President Jacob Zuma spoke to the people on the need to dedicate their votes to no other party but the ANC. The event was graced by most of the ministers and Gauteng MECs, as well as the new minister of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Des Van Rooyen.

Speaking further, President Zuma said that other parties sprang up without a particular achievable aim but that they were “developed by an ideology or people who were angry about something and in a moment of anger established a party”.

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 But the ANC he said, were established to fight against racism and several things that were happening at that time. “The ANC was established as an answer to a serious national challenge by the people of South Africa to fight for the right of all the people of the country… and [was established] to fight in a particular way,” he added.

More so, President Zuma revealed that the party members made many “big decisions which will  help move the party further.

“If you vote for another party, you waste your vote but If you support the ANC, a person “that gives R10,000 should feel like giving more than R10 000, perhaps repeat it 10 times”, he said adding that the country is not racially divided  as few vocal people make them  believe.

Meanwhile, at the fund-raising event, the ANC received a total of R 609,000 from products sold at their auction which included painting s of authority figures in the history of the party. These include paintings of Zuma, Thabo Mbeki, Nelson Mandela and Walter Sisulu which were sold for R 200,000. Other top officials who spoke about the party include David van Rooyen and the ANC Regional Chairperson, Kgotsientso Marogokpa among others.

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