Take The President At His Word, He Says No More Load Shedding


Electricity stability has been a huge challenge for residents and commercial bodies with most of the states’ cities enduring power outages and low power.

But in his presidential visit to Eskom today, President Zuma promised to terminate the power outage in the country. He says no load shedding.

The president made this promise while taking a monitoring visit to Eskom to address the utility’s internal challenges.

“We come and see what is happening. I am now aware that we are close to finishing a year without load shedding. I always tell people that we are not going to receive load shedding anymore. I told the leadership of Eskom that I’m going to tell people that we are not going to have load shedding anymore because I was here‚” said Zuma.

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Zuma received a heart-felt welcome and an ululations from Eskom staff choir as he was ushered into the power facility’s offices in Sunninghill’s Megawatt Park‚ Johannesburg.

There, the president expressed his sincere concern over the incessant load shedding suffered by residents and business entities.

“It was a big worry for me when load shedding was happening. I for one I believe that it was impossible that you can have load shedding and not have remedy to it. I believe that the decisions that were taken were correct. Eskom’s CEO told me that there will never be a load shedding here‚” said Zuma.

Eskom chairman Dr Ben Ngubane who took the president round the company expressed his sincere gratitude to the president for taking his time to visit them. He said: “We have enjoyed the relationship between ourselves and the office of the president. We are honored to have President Jacob Zuma here.”

President Zuma visited the company to fulfill the promise he made during the State of the Nation Address in February‚ where he announced that government will provide support to State Owned Companies (SOCs)‚ while also implementing the reforms that would make them more effective in delivering on their mandates.

Zuma said Government fully appreciates the positive role and contribution that State-Owned Companies can and should play in supporting the attainment of the National Development Plan (NDP) objectives‚ especially in the areas of stepping up investment‚ growing the economy‚ expanding the skills base and creating jobs.

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Zuma went on to say that everyone needed to join hands with the government in order to reach prosperity.”Eskom is no longer in the news for negative reasons but positive. We thank you Eskom for the hard work. People will no longer complain about their food getting rotten and that and that‚” he added.

In a more relaxed mood, the president said the company’s presentations to him was meticulous‚ even to himself who did not go to school. However, he appreciate them.