Zuma Says “Don’t Vote For Those Angry And Crazy Parties”


President Jacob Zuma has forewarned party supporters in Winterveldt, Tshwane, not to venture into voting other parties especially those that have been violent and ‘crazy’ in nature

Speaking on Friday to the people at the Winterveldt Community Centre, north of Pretoria during the ANC’s door-to-door mobilization campaign ahead of the upcoming municipal election,  President Zuma urged the party supporters to ensure that it gets an overwhelming victory in the upcoming elections to enable it to make “big changes”.

“Vote for the ANC to make sure it has majority power to make big changes. The ANC wants to change lives. Your vote is important.

“Don’t give it to other parties that have done nothing for the people of this country. Some of these parties are angry and seem a bit crazy. Don’t give them your vote. The ANC brought democracy in this country and it can still do more with your vote,” said Zuma.

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President Zuma’s statement at the community is related to his previous statement at ANC fundraising event held in Pretoria where he told voters not to waste their vote by voting for other parties

There, President Zuma said the ANC was established to fight for equality, non-racialism and to fight against many other things but that other political parties were developed by an ideology or individuals that “were angry about something and in a moment of anger established a party.”

Meanwhile, it was reported that prior to the arrival of the president to the community, the African National Congress (ANC) head of elections Nomvula Mokonyane said with full assurance that the party will win Tshwane Municipality in the upcoming local government elections.

“We never go into battle with an intention to lose,” Mokonyane told reporters present at the venue. “We are going to win Tshwane, and convincingly so.”

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During the second part of the programme, Mokonyane said ANC had plans to move the municipality forward and would not give room for other parties who are yet to make good impact on the people to deter them from doing so.

“We have a programme as the African National Congress to move Tshwane forward. We are not talking about any other party, we talk better about the ANC. We concede on our challenges and we have a plan to resolve them,”

 “Watch this space, on August 5, Tshwane will be having an ANC leadership,” she said as she maintained that they had a strong backing in the city and that Friday’s activities were to consolidate the support base.