‘Democracy Is Complicated, My Problem was The Constitution and Mothers’ – Zuma


Zuma has again expressed his dissatisfaction with democracy. This time, he identified the Constitution and mothers as the other factors that hindered him from making “serious laws about education” in the country.

Mr President made the assertions while he was speaking at his 15th RDP Education Trust Children and Youth’s Christmas party in Nkandla.

According to Zuma, democracy is complicated and that, restricted him from changing things.

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He said:

“When I was campaigning to be the president for the first time, I took a decision that I would change things, but democracy is complicated.

I said that teenagers should not get pregnant and become mothers while they are young. I wanted to send those young mothers to college to study and complete their studies, without even going home…

I also wanted the young fathers to go to college so that they could be empowered (to) take care of the child that they brought into the world prematurely.

When I said that, mothers complained. If it was up to me, I would have serious laws about education. My only problem was the Constitution and mothers.”

With the above, President Zuma proclaimed education a weapon but wailed at the struggled to find employment among graduates.

“…Education is like a weapon that you can use to protect yourself. It is like a spear. It can be likened to wings…after you have been educated, you can fly, and fly above the clouds and see the world differently (from) the average person.

“Education is a weapon to improve the conditions in your family and the country. Education changes you… it makes you see things differently,” he emphasized.

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Above all, President Zuma pleaded with the younger generation to persevere in difficult circumstances and get educated. To him, educating the youth is important and will help build the nation.

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