Disregard The ‘Information Peddlers’ Zuma Isn’t Reshuffling Cabinet


The Presidency is displeased with the “information peddlers” feeding South Africans unreal stories. Like the rumors about Zuma reshuffling cabinet and the reports alleging the imminent arrest of Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan.

Commenting, the Presidency pointed-out that President Zuma “has the prerogative to hire and fire Ministers at any time.”

However, it was divulged that there were no plans to change the Minister of Finance or reshuffling cabinet. And, that information peddlers have also been spreading false rumors about changes in the Department of Trade and Industry.

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A media statement issued in that respect says:

The Presidency has noted the story in the Sunday Times alleging an imminent arrest of the Minister of Finance. We have also noted the response of law enforcement agencies which have swiftly denied the rumor.

It is clear therefore that the story is the work of dangerous information peddlers who wish to cause confusion and mayhem in the country.

President Zuma and the whole of government are focused on the goal of reigniting economic growth, preserving existing jobs and creating more jobs through working together with business and labour. A lot of progress is being made in this regard as was seen in the outcomes of the meeting convened by President Zuma last week.

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In another media statement, the Presidency talked about media reports which says the President’s aircraft, Inkwazi, experienced a technical fault while in Uganda.

The statement related that “the plane did not experience any technical problems or malfunction of any nature during the visit to Uganda.

…Minister Nomvula Mokonyane indicated that the plane malfunctioned given information at her disposal at the time. The Presidency subsequently updated the Minister.”