Zuma Paid For Nkandla Upgrades? Opposition Parties Want Proof


Following court’s deadline given to refund the money used to refurbish Zuma’s Nkandla home, the treasury said President Jacob Zuma has paid up his bills. 

Zuma was given until mid-September to settle the R7.8m for Nkandla. However, National Treasury told Independent Media on Monday that Zuma has settled his Nkandla bill.

Having received this news with a pinch of salt, political parties request a proof of the payment from the treasury.

Leading in the request is the Democratic Alliance (DA) who through its leader Mmusi Maimane, said it was important for a proof that Zuma paid the stipulated bills to be presented to the Nationals Assembly.

The party said the proof must shown that he personally paid the outstanding amount and that claims that he had received a loan from the VBS Mutual Bank were not a front.

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The DA said the treasury’s announcement that the president has refunded the money does not sign off the Nkandla debacle and that Zuma was seeing “only a tip of the iceberg in a corruption-plagued saga”.

“We have previously articulated that President Zuma is liable for R63.9m in fringe benefits tax, and that he must release his tax records in order to ascertain whether this tax has been paid or not,” said Maimane.

UDM’s Bantu Holomisa however described Zuma’s payment of the bill as a sign of guilt. He told News24 that Zuma had always maintained that he had done nothing wrong.

“Bottom line is Zuma paid, admitting to have done something wrong. Now the ball is in the ANC’s court. Can South Africa afford to have a president who has violated the Constitution?” he asked, as he sees this as a good opportunity for the ruling ANC to remove Zuma.

“He has given you ammunition to get rid of him. ANC, now show him the gate and he must not resist. Zuma must just go.”

The treasury said Zuma paid the R7.8 million in full after the treasury has assessed the work done there by various stakeholders.

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The EFF welcomed the news applauding itself for a job well done in fighting corruption and undue benefits to politicians, adding that the national budget now had additional funds because of the president’s payment.

“The EFF welcomes the indisputable fact that the money was paid because of the EFF’s insistence and persistence that the remedial actions of the Public Protector must be complied with,” said the party in a statement.

The party however, indicated that it would seek further clarity on the main source and principle that led to VBS Mutual Bank granting a loan to the president. The party said the ordinary people in Vhembe are supposed to benefit from the bank.

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