Zuma Must Fall Billboard In Cape Town Falls


ANC supporters have removed the Zuma Must Fall billboard that was covering one part of a block of flats in central Cape Town.

ANC Cape Metro spokesperson Khaya Yozi said it was a mission they have set out to accomplish.

“Mission accomplished. The poster has been torn apart,” he said.

Late last year, over 6,000 people marched through Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town, calling for Zuma to step down for the South African economy to move forward. The #ZumaMustFall movement gained ground after he fired Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene, replacing him with an unknown member of Parliament Des van Rooyen.

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Then just last week, the very large Zuma must fall billboard went up in the center of Cape Town put up by an unknown person.

The municipality maintains that it violates its outdoor advertising and collective by-laws.

The poster was also apparently installed without going through proper channel and screening in relation to the National Building Regulations and Standards Act.

The city’s Priya Reddy said, “It covers most of the building and raises issues of safety and visibility so we have sent the matter off for prosecution and the person who is responsible for it will have to face the prosecutor.”

Meanwhile, the Democratic Alliance (DA) says it is not responsible for it and premier Helen Zille’s office says the provincial government did not pay for it.

The poster was erected by a so-called private initiative as a medium of protest.

A group of ANC supporters was allowed access to the building and while some of them pulled the billboard down from the roof, others cut it up through the windows. They said that the poster disrespected President Zuma.

While ANC supporters were trying to remove the billboard, a man barely escaped an angry ANC and SACP crowd after being chased into a nearby residence for allegedly shouting abusive words concerning President Jacob Zuma.

The Zuma Must Fall billboard was then torn from the Cape Town building and ANC supporters took the pieces away while they await the prosecution of the person behind the billboard.

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