‘Zuma Must Fall’ Billboard – Bongani Mkongi Apologizes For His Infuriating Comments


Bongani Mkongi, a member of parliament of the African National Congress (ACN) has finally deemed it fit to apologize for stirring up confusions and chaos following his comments about the ‘Zuma Must Fall’ billboard erected in central Cape town apartment. This apology was made after Bongani Mkongi took to the social media to call for the ‘Zuma Must Fall’ billboard together with the building to be burnt down.

One won’t be far from the truth if he describes the recent chaos that followed the erection of the controversial ‘Zuma Must Fall’ billboard as high drama. The white billboard conspicuously covered the six storeys building. However, Bongani Mkongi’s comment did not go down well with The Democratic Alliance (DA). And the DA says it would take Bongani Mkongi to Parliament’s Ethics Committee.

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Lending his voice, DA chief whip John Steenhuisen on saturday said, “The DA is deeply disturbed and disgusted by ANC MP Bongani Mkongi’s calls for the ‘Zuma Must Fall’ billboard in Cape Town, as well as the building it is on and its occupants, to be burnt down”.

“Firstly, Mr Mkongi took an oath in terms of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa to uphold it. Part of the constitutional oath is that you uphold the Constitution and one of the tenets of the Constitution is you don’t incite violence or hatred among people.”

Bongani Mkongi apologizes for 'Zuma Must Fall' bill board

Also, Smith who is the city’s JP maintained that serious and firm action will be taken in order to address the issue. He said “The city will need to take whatever legal action is required. Police and the National Prosecuting Authority will now need to proceed with legal action against the one ANC councillor as well as the 70 ANC activists who were involved in breaking and entering, trespassing and malicious damage to property.”

It is evident that Bongani Mkongi’s speech vehemently violates South Africa’s constitutional and reconciliatory principles. Imperatively, it is well-known that the South Africa’s Constitutional reconciliatory Principles abhors hate remarks and violent incitement of any sort.

Reiterating the nation’s stance on racism, DA’s Steenhuisen said. “The DA remains committed to our nation’s democratic principles and the eradication of racism, and will do everything in our power to ensure transgressors and hatemongers are held to account”.

Also, the company on whose apartment the ‘Zuma Must Fall’ billboard was hung is also in trouble because Cape Town city claims that it did not receive application for the erection of the bill board, also the outdoor signage does not act in accordance with its advertising by-law.

However, irrespective of circumstances surrounding the display of the controversial bill board last weekend, ANC supporters on Saturday took to the said private-owned building and ripped the billboard apart. But for Hlogwane, who considers the poster as wasteful expenditure, the bill board only leaves him with one question: “How is this going to help us?”.

It is true that the call for Zuma’s impeachment is however not new but following the sack of two finance ministers within four days last month, the move for his removal became more repetitive. This singular act by Zuma would be remembered for sending the rand currency to historic international lows.

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