Zuma – Juju Used To Say He’ll Die For Me, Isn’t It Stupid To Trust What He Says?


Our sweet President doesn’t understand the rational behind the support EFF is gathering.

Neither does he understand why South Africans believe Malema’s words.

The President was campaigning in Ikageng township outside Potchefstroom, North West. There, he insinuated that it’s absurd to trust the EFF leader who once vowed to die for him.

“He used to say ‘I will die for Zuma’, he said. “How do you trust now that he means what he says?”

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The president had a good laugh as he recalled the days Malema vigorously defended whatever he did.

Before that, the president trash talked the EFF and other opposition parties. According to him, serious thinking South Africans know that ANC is the deal.

ANC The Only Party With Vision For South Africa

Other parties he said, are clueless and irrelevant without clear purpose.

Obviously referring to Malema, Mr Zuma said: “That man used to say ‘the ANC is in my blood; I have the DNA of the ANC'” But today, he’s singing another song, Zuma mocked.

With that, he urged the people to disregard the EFF and other parties without experience in government.

Nonetheless, he continued to mock opposing parties without mentioning their names.

He said: “There is a new one which I am also forgetting its name. But, I always recognize its leader (as) ill-disciplined, misbehaving and he was sacked; expelled from the ANC.

Very angry he formed an organisation for revenge. There is no political objective but the objective is revenge because he was chased away.

Why should you worry about such an organisation? I always wonder if I was to vote for that organisation what is it that I am voting for? Ill-discipline, no respect, rude language?

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The only organisation that represents the interests of the people of this country is the ANC,” Zuma declared.