President Zuma Blunders Again At United Nations Summit


BuzzSouthAfrica has gathered that President Jacob Zuma on Monday; at the United Nations Summit for Refugees and Migrants, blundered again about the number of asylum seekers in South Africa.

His erroneous claim on South Africa being the biggest recipient of asylum seekers at the international summit is not the first. Zuma’s first erroneous claim was countered and corrected by Africa Check in August in one of its reports.

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In the said report, Africa Check disclosed that a report released by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in 2015; dictates that records were too poor to ascertain exactly the number of asylum seekers in South Africa. More so, the report indicated that South Africa is the tenth recipient of asylum seekers.

News 24 reported that Zuma told the delegates at the summit that “over time, sub-Saharan Africa has hosted and continues to host a vast number of forcibly displaced persons with South Africa being the largest single recipient of asylum seekers.”

SA Has Liberal Legislation On Asylum Seekers

In a previous report, the UN’s refugee agency – UNHCR, had admitted that South Africa has a “liberal asylum legislation that incorporates all basic principles of refugee protection; including freedom of movement, the right to work and access to basic social services”.

In the course of the meeting, Zuma reiterated that Nato’s bombing of Libya is the largely responsible for the displacement of people.

He added: “It is important also not to glide over the causes (of displacement) and the causes are not the same. I’m sure you’ll remember that before the problems in Libya; north Africa was at peace with itself. It was the manner in which we handled the Libyan question that has given rise to refugees coming from that country and crossing to Europe et cetera.

I think it says to us we must, therefore, when we take actions when there are growing problems; we must think carefully and look at what could be the consequences of such actions because the movement of people arises from different causes and some causes were not necessary at all.”

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At the UN General Assembly’s first-ever summit on refugees and migrants; world leaders, including Zuma, adopted the New York Declaration; which stipulates the political will to protect the rights of refuges and migrants.

He also told the summit that the African Union aspires, under its Agenda 2063; to silence all guns by 2020.