President Jacob Zuma To Meet President Dos Santos – Details Herein


President Jacob Zuma will on Monday visit Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos for a “consultative meeting”.

According to a statement released by the Presidency on Sunday night, the purpose of the official visit to Luanda in Angola is to further strengthen the historical relations between the two countries.

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In addition, the heads of states would also discuss issues of bilateral and regional importance which would foster economic and regional growth.

Earlier this month, President Jacob Zuma was in Kenya for a first-ever three-day State visit.

Remarkably, Zuma’s visit left most Kenyans embittered, especially Kenyan travelers who thought Zuma would have changed the visa rules imposed on them. However, what they got was a promise to “consider” the request officially handed in by his host, President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Uhuru has always maintained that it’s unfair for Kenyan travelers to apply for visas and wait for five working days to get them whereas South Africans easily get entry permits on arrival in Kenya.

In response, Zuma expressed deep concern about criminals and others abusing open borders and insisted that before such privilege is granted to Kenyans, South Africa must first curtail, constrain, and tame the teeming illegal immigrants who breeze into South Africa at will from Kenya.

“You know that both countries — South Africa and Kenya — have a lot of foreigners touring these two countries; some of whom could use that possibility for not good reasons.

Those are matters that have to be looked at as we move forward,” Zuma said at a joint press conference in Nairobi.

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However, at the end of the landmark visit, Zuma and Kenyatta signed six agreements in all to enhance cooperation, including among police and defence forces and broadening the counterterrorism partnership.

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