Zuma On Land Question: Poverty, Inequality Began When Land Was Taken


The question of inequality, poverty and unemployment has its origin and can only be resolved within the realm of the country’s laws and constitution, says President Jacob Zuma.

The President who believes that the question of poverty and inequality must be resolved immediately for the benefit of every citizen reiterated that lands must be returned and wealth shared evenly.

Tackling the controversial issues of land redistribution as a means of achieving a radical economic distribution, Zuma said the two are related as the success of the former would lead to the success of the later.

“The land question is very much related to the economy,” he said in a speech at a Youth Day celebration in Hammarsdale, near Durban, yesterday.

“The day there was dispossession of land, that’s the day poverty began, that’s the day inequality began, that’s the day unemployment began.”

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Zuma said it was “more than correct” to apply policies that were “radical, revolutionary and changing the status quo economically”.

No one will do it for us but ourselves. The land question is a critical question. We must resolve that question within the law, within the Constitution, he said.

There’s been a clamour for something to be done to facilitate the fair share of wealth and land in the country. The agitation for the lopsided state of the country to be addressed has been spearheaded by the Economic Freedom Fighters, EFF.

The party, like Zuma, believes that returning lands to their main owners- the black- will go a long way in addressing the problem of economic inequality in the country.

Meanwhile, Zuma said: “If the law is not enough, let us take it to the point. If the constitution is not enough, let us take the constitution to the point.”

Zuma, who was buoyed by the warm welcome he received from the young crowd, said he was not done with his fight to liberate poor black South Africans and restore the hope to young people.

He urged the youths and his supporters to help fight for a radical economic transformation because political freedom without economic freedom is not a complete freedom.

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However, President hopeful Cyril Ramaphosa had stated that South African and the ANC is not in good shape.

The Deputy President, who had been hot with his political campaign, while addressing the party’s Western Cape provincial policy conference in Stellenbosch on Sunday, called for party delegates to voice out their views on how to return the country to its rightful state.

“We have a lot of resources. It is because you have the wrong people in a number of positions” he said, adding that the radical economic transformation should not benefit just a few families but should lead to inclusive growth.

Ramaphosa called on party officials who go about doing wrong to have in mind the impact on the country

“You are not behaving badly for just you and your family‚ you are affecting the people of South Africa‚” said Ramaphosa to applause.