Zuma Is Untouchable Because His Dirty Linen Has Touched On Everyone – David Forbes


Controversial questions have been raised following ANC’s decision not to unseat President Jacob Zuma after the party lost in most of the country’s major cities.

Interestingly, an analyst, David Forbes who seems to understand the happenings in the party, has cleared the air on what he believes is the brain behind such decision, he said it’s because Zuma’s dirt has touched everyone.

The writer, David Forbes, who gave a brief reminder of the corrupt history of President Jacob Zuma prior to his emergence as the country’s president, described Zuma as one who has an excellent understanding of both the apartheid regime and the way it operated, as well as being in charge of ANC intelligence.

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He said this gave him [Zuma] an unparalleled access to top-secret and highly sensitive personal information about practically everyone in the ANC and many apartheid leaders.

“Zuma has all the dirt on everyone, which is why no-one can depose him. He became so powerful as ANC head of intelligence, and later as Codesa negotiator, deputy president, and later president, that he has become pretty much untouchable, unless a lot of dirty linen is aired…” said David Forbes.

ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe told the media at the end of the party’s four-day meeting in Irene, Gauteng – to deliberate on the fate of the party after the election misfortune – that the party’s national executive committee (NEC) had spent days analyzing the results of the recent municipal elections.

There, he confirmed that there had been no proposal by any member or group for President Jacob Zuma to step down. Mantashe said this in answer to one asking about EFF’s demand for Zuma to step down before they would consider a coalition with the ANC.

Mantashe reiterated that the party had decided that everyone in the party was to blame for ANC’s poor performance and as such, they should not point fingers at the president alone.

In response to this new revelation by the ruling party’s secretary-general, David Forbes described Zuma as the stopper in the bottle, the lock on Pandora’s Box, and the ANC kingmaker-in-chief who can not be easily moved.

Speaking further, Forbes claimed that Zuma’s vast experience in the shadows has given him the confidence to exert Rule By Chaos From The Shadows. “He is always one step ahead”.

“But like the emperor with no clothes, his arrogance will bring him down. As he cuts down his enemies one by one, they begin to turn. Like the confession of condemned man Butana Almond Nofomela that opened the Hit Squad Can of Worms, someone will finally pluck up the courage to uncorks THIS bottle.”

David Forbes claimed that President Zuma has captured and paralyzed the National Executive Committee (NEC); rendered the Political education of young cadres at branch level useless; forced true leaders with integrity out, and has shut out anyone who spoke truth to power.

“At the same time, no leader has arisen to seize the high ground, and lead the movement. The “leadership” of the Tripartite Alliance has dissolved into factions, splintering and shattering because of a lack of moral courage. This, more than anything else, has allowed Zuma to rule….”

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However, Forbes is of the view that in a very short time, people with courage will decide to cut off the head of the snake. But once Zuma is gone, the snake is still dead.

It cannot be revived, even with “introspection”, because things have changed so much that people will no longer tolerate the old ways. Then everyone will turn on him, including his loyal patriarchal women supporters. That poison story was an indicator.

He said South Africans are already tired of the corrupt nature of the country and cannot rely on the history of the Struggle forever. The Zuma strategy of keeping people uneducated and poor so that he can manipulate them in elections with food parcels and promises of better pensions has kicked back at him and will come in full force come 2019 election.

For Zuma, the end will come much more quickly, and viciously. There will no mercy, he added.

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