Zuma Instructs South Africans To Laugh If They Really Think He’s A Joke


Alright, I’m not proud to admit the headline above is quite misleading. Not too misleading, but just slightly misleading. Our honorable President did instruct the nation to laugh if they think he’s a joke, well not directly.

He more like used the DA in parliament to instruct the anti-Zumas on what they should do if they really think his leadership is a joke like they’ve often, in a way or another, asserted.

DA Chief Whip John Steenhuisen, called honorable Mr President a joke in Parliament, but Mr Zuma was feeling very generous. He wouldn’t ignore Steenhuisen’s witticism because for too long he’s been entertaining the Parliament  gatherings with his wisecracks. As such, Mr President decided to return Steenhuisen’s kind gestures.

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“If I’m such a joke, why aren’t you laughing? You must laugh if I’m a joke. Why aren’t you laughing?” the President asked as he gazed fixedly at the DAs and then, cracked-up his ribs with some ha ha and he he he.

Zuma was being questioned about the independence of the judiciary. Obviously in his gay spirits, Zuma responded that he doesn’t understand some of the questions from the MPs, and how they wanted him to answer.

DA MP Glynnis Breytenbach had demanded of Mr President to apologise for undermining the judiciary.

“I don’t understand the question. I don’t know what is it I must apologies to the chief justice about. I trust the judiciary, and the ANC trusts the judiciary,” Zuma stated.

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Also questioned about his opinion on the calls for Public Protector to investigate the Gupta family business dealings, and whether he knew there were irregular dealings with the Gupta family.

Zuma said: “I know nothing about the business dealings of the Guptas and whoever. Why should I have a view? Why should I have a view about if it must be investigated or not?”