Zuma Gains ANC’s Support Ahead Of No Confidence Vote


The African National Congress (ANC) says they are solidly behind President Jacob Zuma ahead of today’s vote of no confidence in the National Assembly. The party is also positive that every attempt by opposition parties to pull the president down during the debate will fail because DA does not have what it takes to push Zuma out of power.

The ANC reiterated that the DA’s motion was a “stunt” used by the party leader Mmusi Maimane because he had nothing new to offer. ANC national Spokesperson Zizi Kodwa asserts that “Through these debates, the DA makes an attempt, feeble as it may be, to win in Parliament what they failed to win in the streets – the hearts and minds of the South African people.”

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“They will try once again to undermine the fact that an overwhelming majority of the voting population of this country reaffirmed its confidence in the leadership of the African National Congress and President Zuma less than 24 months ago,” Kodwa maintained.

Also,the ruling party considers DA’s request to have ANC MPs vote via a secret ballot as baseless and unconstitutional. The party rather asserts that Zuma’s decision to create the National Development Plan largely typifies his capability to lead South Africa.

ANC believes that Zuma has and will continue to gain international recognition because of his insurmountable leadership skills. The party acknowledged Zuma’s recent appointment as co-chair of the UN’S Commission on Health, Employment and Economic Growth and maintained that his recognition shows the confidence global communities have in him.

The party also reminded the DA South Africans now live longer because of Zuma’s HIV treatment programmes, which was introduced to turn lives around. Also, the lives of rural South Africans had improved tremendously because of the massive rural and infrastructure development programs introduced in Zuma’s term.

Kodwa concluded by saying that “The people of South Africa have seen these strides and have trusted President Zuma and the ANC to continue with this work and tackle the challenges that continue to plague us.

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Motion for the vote of no confidence was proposed by the Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane. The smart leader had earlier proposed the motion in March 2015 when he accused ANC Members of Parliament (MPs) of ignoring what he called Zuma’s “destruction of democracy”. But, majority of parliament members knocked out his idea with a total of 221 MPs voting against it, 113 supporting it, and eight abstaining from voting.

However, the quest to have the debate resurfaced after the controversial SONA Debate, and March 1 was slated for the debate. DA leader is of the opinion that the only way to hold the president accountable is by holding the debate.

Maimane also alleged that South Africa has lost confidence in President Zuma especially after his decision to fire former Finance Minister Mr. Nene last December and reshuffle finance ministers, causing a sell-off of the country’s currency.


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