EFF – Did You Know Zuma Flew To Dubai To Deliver Guptas Money?


Thus saith the Fighters, the President’s recent Dubai visit had nothing to do with the affairs of the country. Zuma went there for one and only mission which was to deliver Guptas Money.

To EFF, the corruption of the Guptas is no longer hiding behind The New Age and ANN7. But manifests in forms like the direct use of President Zuma by the Guptas to transport its investments by moving them to Dubai. Zuma flew to Dubai to deliver Guptas money, EFF alleged.

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“We know for a fact that Zuma’s recent visit to the United Arab Emirates had nothing to do with South Africa’s interests but the interests of the Guptas.

The stated reasons that Zuma went to advance the tourist market interests of our country are false. Zuma went to Dubai, which is a tax heaven, to deliver the money of the Guptas and himself. (He) used this strategy because his plane, unlike all other civilian planes, does not get subjected to custom checks.

The opposition party said Wealthy families in South Africa have been influencing the decisions of ANC leader since the days of late Nelson Mandela.

The alleged that the Manel family gave Mandela accommodation when he left his home in Soweto. They “ensured that Mandela turns from the demands of the liberation struggle” and allowed the “nationalization of mines in favor of a neo-liberal agenda,” EFF asserted as they iterated that “the Gupta matter represents the long zombification process that has characterised the liberation movement.”

Juju’s party said they will not subscribe to the misleading idea that blackness is a matter of pigmentation, and will fight the Guptas because they are not black.

The stated that blackness is a matter of consciousness and that the corrupt blacks who steal against black people are not part of the black community.

“They are simply non-whites and will be fought with the same energy and passion as any system that seeks to render black people’s lives into waste,” EFF declared.

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