EFF Leader Julius Malema Alleges That ‘Zuma Wants To Flee South Africa’


EFF leader Julius Malema has made a controversial statement about President Zuma again. This time, the wide-mouthed leader alleged that President Zuma wants to run away from South Africa. Malema made this known on his Twitter page on Sunday night.

Relating the information, he posted that he received “unconfirmed reports” that President Jacob “Zuma wants to leave the country and seek asylum in Dubai because he doesn’t feel safe in his country.”

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 Julius Malema’s Previous Claims

Juju’s assertion is coming just weeks after he claimed that the President Zuma’s visit to Dubai has nothing to do with the affairs of the country. He added that Zuma went to Dubai for one reason, which was to deliver money to the Guptas.

The defiant leader alleged at that time, that Zuma had used his diplomatic cover to move R6 billion offshore.

“Zuma was in UAE recently in Dubai. That was not an official visit, it was a personal one. Zuma took money to UAE. That is where they are dumping money. The Guptas have taken R6bn to Dubai,” Malema told reporters at a press conference following the Constitutional Court judgment against Zuma.

“Zuma goes to Dubai on some unexplained trip. Why did Zuma go to Dubai? Because when Zuma travels, he doesn’t get searched by customs. He left with bags of money to be dumped in Dubai. That is where they are dumping our money with the Guptas.”

However, having learnt about Malema’s assertions that time, the Presidency refuted his claims, stating that Zuma had gone to the UAE for a working visit. The presidential statement also indicated that Zuma visited the UAE for a peaceful bilateral relations between the two countries.

“Mr Malema’s malicious allegations are both untruthful and defamatory. The Presidency reserves its rights in this regard,” the statement added.

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