Zuma Fired The Finance Minister Because He Intended To Cut-Short Excessive Government Spending – DA


When the number one citizen of our nation announced yesterday that he’s fired the Finance Minister, Nhlanhla Nene, he equally acknowledge that the Man was competent as the Minister of Finance, but is being prepared “ahead of his deployment to another strategic position.” He then, appointed David Van Rooyen, an ANC member of parliament as the new Minister of Finance.

As our president didn’t offer further details to explain his decision to remove Nene who managed the portfolio in a difficult economic climate, many who regarded the president as “unqualified” to lead the nation, hoped Zuma has not, yet again found another way to push forward the frontiers of his incompetent rule. But then, the rand terribly nose-dived against major currencies soon after the president made his announcement. 

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Although it’s uncertain if the rand that plunged was just a coincidence or the consequences of Zuma’s decision to remove Nene. South Africans are unwilling to consider those possibilities, they’re rather interested in saving the country with their #ZumaMustFall tweets.

Reacting to the president’s decision to remove Nene from the Finance portfolio, the DA, published that Zuma’s removal of “Nhanhla Nene as Finance Minister is a reckless and dangerous move that further damages our country’s economy saying “…such a drastic move…is yet another example of how President Zuma puts himself first and the country second.”

While the opposition party remarked that the president’s action was “accompanied by no reasons,” they hinted that the Minister was fired because he was bent on cutting-short excessive government spending. According to the party;

It is common knowledge that Nhanhla Nene sought to reign in excessive government spending and was causing too much of a blockage for President Zuma in respect of the nuclear procurement deal and SAA. President Zuma has made one thing very clear tonight: if you stand in my way as Finance Minister and seek to introduce fiscal prudence, you will find yourself redeployed and cast aside. A Zuma ANC government has no regard for sensible finance policy that puts South Africa first.

Former Minister, Nhanhla Nene New Minister, David van Rooyen

Former And New Minister

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The DA stated that Nene’s dismissal “has already had profoundly negative effects on the rand which has plummeted since news of the announcement broke,” and lamented that the situation “is sure to make the plight of the unemployed in South Africa even more difficult.”

“The appointment of David van Rooyen as Finance Minister provides no assurance that our economy is in safe hands. The fact that President Zuma waited until after last Friday’s rating assessments to make this decision shows that he knew this was a bad decision… President Zuma has again proven himself to be a President incapable of making the right decisions to set South Africa on a path to increased economic growth and job creation.”

The party however promised to subject the new minister to “close oversight as he begins his tenure,” and as well pledge to intensify their efforts to make better, the country. “we will intensify our efforts to bring change to South Africa. Change that brings strong leadership and a government that puts South Africa and its people  first,” they  declared.

Below are some of the aforementioned #ZumaMustFall tweets.

ZumaMustFall  ZumaMustFall1


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