What Zuma Has To Say About This Latest Kind Of Prostitution


While speaking at an event commemorating the 40th anniversary of the June 16 Soweto student uprisings at the Orlando stadium on Thursday‚ President Jacob Zuma expressed his disappointment over the newly invented speed dating with a happy ending practised in some parts of the country known as Mavuso.

Zuma said young women and girls should not subject themselves to such activities which will be detrimental to their future.

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“We also need to protect our youth especially young women and girls‚ from abuse and exploitation through new shocking tendencies in our country such as the so-called sex parties or sex stokvels known as the Mavuso. Hawu‚ naze nakhohlakala bandla (Hawu‚ you are so dirty)‚” he said.

This new trend of stokvel is reportedly found in and around Tshwane. Mavuso is a disguised form of prostitution whereby a man and a woman‚ either acquainted or complete strangers‚ engage in sex for money under the pretences of a speed ‘date’. The happy ending attached to it is that the woman gets paid at the end.

The process entails negotiations in which the two agree to a certain fee for spending the night together. The mavuso will start by partying or attending social functions together as a couple and eventually, the couple will spend the night together while the woman gets paid in the morning.

“Sex party? aibo‚ I’ve never heard of such‚” Zuma said in dismay.

“Patrons at taverns reportedly take young women home overnight at a price announced at the tavern by the hosts. Where have you heard of such?” Zuma asked‚ pleading with those guilty of such behaviour‚ to not subject young women to this abuse and danger for the sake of the future.

He added that this new form of prostitution will jeopardize the efforts of the government in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

President Zuma urged also communities to join forces with the police to bring to book, those who are killing the future by providing drugs and alcohol to the youths.

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“We urge those who sell children alcohol and drugs to stop doing so because they are breaking the law and they are killing the country by selling children such substances‚” said Zuma‚ adding that those merchants should be arrested.

He added that the government would soon launch a campaign targeting young women‚ to educate them against dirty practices such as mavuso stokvel and drugs.