Zuma Booed, ANC Blames SACP And COSATU For The Embarrassment


May Day worker’s rally in Bloemfontein yesterday saw President Zuma booed. Obviously, Daddy Zuma was booed by workers demanding his resignation as South Africa’s President.

But the President’s party, ANC (African National Congress) is blaming SACP (South African Communist Party) and COSATU (Congress of South African Trade Unions) for the embarrassment its leader suffered at the rally.

President Zuma attended the rally irrespective of COSATU’s strong affiliates warning that he shouldn’t attend or be allowed to address the gathering. His presence engenders a scuffle between his supporters and opponents, the speeches planned for the May Day rally were cancelled.

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His Excellency, South Africa’s President was so much booed that he swiftly disappeared from the podium and ferried away in a motorcade.

Commenting on the incident, ANC’s spokesperson Zizi Kodwa asserted that it was regrettable and embarrassing. According to the spokesperson, it’s the “premature pronouncements” by SACP and COSATU on ANC’s next leader that saw Zuma booed.

“The incident,” he said, “is a consequence of what the ANC has always advised. Those premature public pronouncements undermine our efforts to foster unity in the alliance.”

Similarly, ANC’s Free State chairperson Ace Magashule expressed that President Zuma was embarrassed when the workers booed him. Magashule also expressed that the heckling of the President was the doing of external forces.

“This is the time when South Africa is highly infiltrated…it doesn’t need science. It doesn’t need Marx and Lenin, we’re highly infiltrated. People are (here to divide us,” the ANC Free State Chairperson told EWN.

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Disclosing that Free State ANC will meet with SACP and COSATU leaders to discuss the incident, Magashule added that video footage of the incident will be analysed to find out if ANC Members in the province participated in the chaos that erupted, he said:

“I heard from the spokesperson of the ANC that there are these rumours that there will be booing and disruptions and we said those will be ill-disciplined people and cadres.

We’ve taken our own videos. We’ll be analysing them ahead of the meeting with the alliance officials. People in this province are quite disciplined from across the alliance partners and that’s why we’re saying it’s an embarrassment.”

Speaking, COSATU’s President related that the congress knew Mr Zuma would be booed. “It was clear, but we didn’t need to stop the march,” Sdumo Dlamini said.

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