‘I’m Your Shepherd, Let Me Lead You’ Zuma Begs South Africans


Honorable President Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma begs South Africans to allow him lead them as he’s the appointed shepherd tasked to take care of their affairs.

The president who was addressing attendants at the drought relief gathering in Melmoth sports grounds KwaZulu-Natal begged South Africans to let respect and peace thrive in the country and to have faith in his mandate as the leader of the nation.

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Speaking, the president said; “as your shepherd, let me lead you,” in Zulu language.

The plea follows his televised apology to the nation after the Constitutional Court ruled that he failed to uphold, defend and respect the Constitution as the supreme law of the land.

According to the president, it is still his responsibility to lead the country and everyone, and those who are not satisfied with his leadership have to allow him lead South Africa for the interest of all.

“While I still have this responsibility to lead the nation, it does not matter whether you are a Zuma (fan) or not, at this moment I have been given a task to lead you, let me lead you…I am not going to be in power for long because the years have gone by – don’t be fooled by my good looks, he added.

He then, argued that “every leader, priest, amakhosi (tribal leaders) and every elderly person who is a parent wishes for respect. If an elderly does not want respect, there is a problem,” he said.

And thus, demanded for peace and respect to reign in the country stating – “I want peace in the country. There is no president that does not want peace in his country. I also want there to be respect for all. This is not only my wish as the president, it is everyone’s wish.”

Thereafter, the president encouraged the people to participate in the upcoming local government election. According to Mr president, black South Africans votes are important and the black community must take advantage of that to better their living standard.

“Voting is very important. We have a problem as black people. Some people don’t even go out there and vote. Every elderly white person goes out there to vote because they know how important voting is.

We don’t use our vote for our advantage and that is the problem. We all have the same suffering, we are all poor and instead of coming together we do the opposite. If we came together we would change a lot of things.

Go and register to vote next weekend. Black people’s votes are very important…Black people in black parties need to come together and vote for another black person…otherwise this country will be taken [away] in front of your eyes or they will use others to take it away from you,” the president asserted.

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