See What Ex Minister Ronnie Kasrils Has To Say About Zuma, Past And Present


While speaking to journalists after his address at the Stellenbosch Universityon Thursday, former Intelligence Minister Ronnie Kasrils blasted President Jacob Zuma saying he is a crooked leader who has put the country through a lot of hardship.

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“My biggest critique of him is that he is a crooked leader and has misruled,” he said.

“The country has suffered as a result of his greed. From that point of view, he is the wrong leader. I didn’t see this in him when I knew him as a youngster, maybe this was not there. But certainly it may have been there.”

According to him, Zuma who was not this bad as a youngster has grown up to use his power the wrong way. With his eyes set on getting richer, he does not care about the welfare of the people.

During his earlier address he said: “I would rather live in a country where the champions of the Washington Consensus, of the IMF, Pravin Gordhan, Trevor Manuel, Cyril Ramaphosa rule, than Jacob Zuma, [Des] Van Rooyen and company.”

Ronnie Kasrils was one of the prominent veteran members of civil society and anti-apartheid activists who stood on the steps of the Constitutional Court last month demanding that Zuma must resign from office.

Kasrils’ disapproval of Zuma as president did not start today as he told journalists that in 2005 he had engaged some communist party leaders who were supporting Zuma in a debate.

The reasons he gave them at that time why Zuma is not fit to be president is that Zuma was no ‘working class hero’, and would be a ‘right wing nationalist’.

He also talked about Zuma’s ‘immorality, corruption and misogyny’.

He related what SACP leader Blade Nzimande had told him then: “Well you see, a Zuma presidency gives the best opening for the working class for a left-wing shift.”

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“And I said, ‘you know Blade, that shows you are just an opportunist and you will rue the day of your decision’.

“And now they are coming out against him because he no longer favours them, he prefers the Guptas.”

He concluded that if Zuma did not go, the country will continue to suffer as a result of his greed and misrule. He will continue to loot the state and cover up his act by placing puppets in high places to do his bidding. This is why you find unqualified people being made ministers.