Zinhle Ngobese: Everything to Know About Zinhle from Rhythm City

Kealeboga Masango, popularly known as Zinhle Ngobese, is a fast-rising South African actress who became famous after she bagged a role in the South African television series Rhythm City, wherein she portrayed the character Zinhle.

The exact year Masango launched her acting career is yet to be publicized. However, records have it that she was in her mid-teens when she joined other cast members of Rhythm City, which, remarkably, was her first on-screen project.

Summary of Kealeboga Masango’s Biography 

  • Full name: Kealeboga Masango
  • Nickname: Zinhle Ngobese
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: October 21, 2003
  • Kealeboga Masango’s Age: 20 years old
  • Nationality: South African
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Famous for: Playing Zinhle from the television series Rhythm City
  • Kealeboga Masango’s Instagram: officialkeamasango
  • Twitter: Kealeboga Masango
  • Facebook: Kealeboga Masango

What is Zinhle from Rhythm City’s Real name?

Her birth name is Kealeboga Masango. That was the name her parents gave to her after her birth. That was also the same name her family, peers, schoolmates, and friends used to call her during childhood, school days, and early teenage age.

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Things, however, changed after she auditioned and won the role of the character Zinhle Ngobese on the TV series, Rhythm. From the moment she started portraying the character, everyone around her, including the show’s viewers, began calling her Zinhle.

Today, Kealeboga is now popularly known as Zinhle everywhere across the country. Although the series has since ended in July 2021, the public still refers to Masango by her character name.

Kealeboga Masango Was Born in the Early 2000s in KwaZulu-Natal Province

Miss. Masango was born on 21st October 2003 in a town in KwaZulu-Natal province called Umlazi. Her parents – Mr. and Mrs. Masango raised her in her hometown and ensured she had an amazing childhood.

Unfortunately, there is no reliable information about the actress’s background, family history, early life, and family members. The names of her parents and what they do for a living are yet to be published for public consumption.

Again, it is difficult to tell if Keaeboga has siblings, who they are, and their occupations. She hasn’t opened up publicly about these aspects of her life. It seems Masango is the only famous person in her family as no other family member is famous as she is within the public space.

The Rhythm City star had her secondary school education at the Hluhluwe, KwaZulu-Natal-based public state secondary school, Mduku High School. She also graduated from the University of South Africa (UNISA); however, her course of study is not publicly known.

The Fast-rising Actress Owes Her Rise To Stardom To The TV Series Rhythm City

Kealeboga was like every other teenager out there when fortune smiled at her. We do not know exactly how she got to find out about Rhythm City’s audition for the role of Zinhle Ngobese but what happened, in the long run, was that she impressed the judges and automatically won the role.

The actress had no prior knowledge about acting before her audition for the role. She must have inherited her acting genes from one of her parents, making it possible to scale through as a novice. It’s unknown whether she was part of her church or high school drama groups.

As mentioned earlier, Kealeboga’s particular age and the exact year she joined other actors on the set of Rhythm City have not been officially published. However, it is assumed that she was in her mid-teen when she started portraying the character Zinhle.

Rhythm City, which began airing on 9th July 2007, was the first TV job Masango ever did. But then, she surpassed the expectations of the public in the first episode she starred in. From there, she began to win the hearts of her colleagues and viewers with her acting skills.

While the television series lasted, Masango did justice to every bit of her role. She portrayed her character so well that she became a fan favorite in no distant time. The opportunity to star in the project with notable South African thespians like Mduduzi Mabaso, Zamani Mbatha, and Linda Sokhulu also helped to boost her career. 

Kealeboga Masango Has No Other Film Role Or Award To Her Name Yet

As of this writing, the Umlazi-born actress has no other professional acting credit. She is yet to be nominated for an award for her role on Rhythm City. Nevertheless, her fans are positive she will undoubtedly get to the top of the ladder in the industry through future roles and hard work.

Having done a brilliant on Rhythm City, it will come as no surprise if she bags more film and television roles in the South African film and TV industries; after all, she is naturally blessed with acting talent.

The Actress Could Be Dating Someone Secretly

Kealeboga Masango belongs to the crop of South African celebrities who are very secretive about their personal life. She has never publicly commented about her love life and if there is any man in her life.

She is hardly seen with a man in an intimate nor has any man mentioned her name as his girlfriend or fiance. These facts have given the public the reason to believe she is not an item with any man currently.

However, a couple of weeks later, the actress posted a cute picture of herself and a young man holding each other in a romantic manner. The picture triggered her fans’ interest in the young man, with most of them admiring them and how lovely they looked.

Masango has not commented on the picture or the reactions that trailed its emergence online. She is yet to publicly introduce the young man, announce if they are an item or not, or at least reveal his name and occupation.

Talking about her past relationships, there is no available information about this aspect of her personal life. She hasn’t been linked to any man in the past.

Masango Has A Huge Fanbase Across Her Social Media Platforms

Kealeboga might be a young and fast-fledging actress, but she is already a household name across several social media platforms. She enjoys a huge following on her Instagram and Facebook fan page accounts.

Thousands of people follow her on these platforms, and she also reaches out to them and keeps them abreast with most of her daily activities through these mediums. She has over 200 thousand followers on her Facebook fan page and more than 110 followers on Instagram.

As shared on her Instagram page, the actress has no Twitter account.

Other Notable Facts About The Actress

  • Zinhle Ngobese from Rhythm City’s net worth is still under review. However, some unverified sources claim she’s worth around $30,000 to $150,000.
  • Her body measurements are not open to public scrutiny.
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