‘I Remain In Power To Ward Off Regime Change By Western Forces’ – Robert Mugabe


There is no gainsaying the fact that many people only know that Zimbabwe’s president, Robert Mugabe is one of the world oldest leaders.

I surmise too that others have an additional knowledge that he has been in power since Zimbabwe got her independence.

Now, considering countless attacks on the elderly president, one may not be wrong to posit that most people (all over the world) want Mugabe to just step down and peacefully rest his aged bones.

But it appears the more people push, the more the African leader tightens his ‘power belt’. And today, he gave a mind-blowing reason why he won’t be stepping down, resigning or even dying in a jiffy. According to Mugabe, he is in power in order to avert regime change by the United States of America.

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I guess with this startling revelation, one is left with two choices – to either allow Mugabe keep the seat or get grabbed by the US (it’s left for you to make a choice).

Zimbabwe’s President, Mugabe Speaks At Fort Hare

Speaking at the Fort Hare centenary celebrations in Alice‚ Eastern Cape‚ on Friday‚ Mugabe alleged that western forces wanted to bring about regime change in Africa. He added that the US had openly expressed its desire to effect regime in Zimbabwe.

“I am hanging on because I want to prevent regime change. It will never come‚” Mugabe said.

He slammed the Westerns for trying to run African affairs, asserting that Africans had proven they could run their own affairs.

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“Let products from here truly represent what our elders sought to make students become in life: Leaders of people who were courageous but educated.”

The defiant and wide-mouth African leader took time to speak on African education and what it holds for the future generation. Speaking on gender equality‚ president Mugabe said the tradition that boys deserve to be educated while girls would get married at 18 has been perished.

“Now‚ let’s educate them on an equal basis‚” he exclaimed.

Zimbabwe’s president, Robert Mugabe graduated from the institution in 1951, obtaining a BA degree in English and History.

Fort Hare university was formerly known as the South African Native College. Remarkably, it changed to a college for Xhosa speakers when the National Party government took it over between 1959 and 1960.

Notably, South Africa political elites such as Oliver Tambo, Nelson Mandela, Govan Mbeki, and Mangosuthu Buthelezi all passed through the university. The institution also mothered South African activist, educator, journalist and poet Dennis Brutus.