DA Blames ANC For Human Rights Abuse In Zimbabwe


Reacting to ANC Secretary-General, Gwede Mantashe’s assertion that the civil unrest in Zimbabwe is sponsored by elements seeking to effect regime change in the country, DA blamed ANC for Zimbabwe’s human rights abuse.

The Democratic Alliance party said ANC’s inaction is allowing Zimbabwe’s human rights abuse to thrive.

According to the opposition party, the ruling party has abandoned Nelson Mandela’s human rights-based foreign policy.

Their inaction is a betrayal of the legacy of Madiba and an insult to every South African who experienced the violation of their rights in the past.

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“The silence from our government must end. The DA demands that the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, make a public statement on the ensuing violence carried out by the Zimbabwean government on protesting civilians.

That the Minister and President Zuma have said nothing to condemn this act of the Zimbabwean government demonstrates that the South African government is complicit in this state-sanctioned use of force and will have no compunction in doing the same here at home

President Jacob Zuma, as a leader in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region, and Minister Nkoana-Mashabane can no longer be allowed to remain silent on the state of affairs in Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwean government should be condemned and South Africa should be taking action to restore peace and calm among civilians in our neighboring country,” DA stated.

Meanwhile, there are video footage of Zimbabwe police violence on citizens circulating. Reports circulating with the video said police has detained about 300 Zimbabweans including juveniles, since the beginning of the civil unrest in the country.

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With the forgoing, DA reiterated that Zimbabwe helped South Africa in its fight for freedom and democracy. As such, the party asserted that South Africa ought to ensure Zimbabwe finds legitimate freedom and democracy.

Commenting on Zim’s civil unrest, EFF leader said: “We are on the side of the people of Zimbabwe. Never be governed by fear, the people always win like you did in the 80s, victory is certain,” Malema charged.

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