Zimbabweans Are Having A ‘Million Man March’ To Support Robert Mugabe


Not fewer than 50,000 Zimbabweans joined the march in Harare to honor and support Mugabe.

“Forward with Mugabe of Africa”, “salute the lion of Africa”, “long live Mugabe”, “Comrade Mugabe is not sick” and similar expressions are the lyrics of the songs Zimbabweans are chanting as they march across the country to re-pledge their support for the ancient leader.

Most of the marchers dressed in a T-shirts displaying Mugabe’s image, were transported to the capital by bus. There, they offered high praise and commendation to the President while they waited for the 92-year-old leader to address them. 

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Commenting, Zanu-PF Youth League stated that the essence of the march is to restore confidence.

“We know that there’s a lot of negative publicity spread by private media and the West, to the extent that our grassroots supporters are now confused, so this march is to restore confidence.

This is a special event by our dynamic youth league in support of our icon…The theme of the march is solidarity with the visionary and iconic leadership of our glorious party under President Mugabe”

Reports say some youth and Zanu PF members are complaining that they are being forced to be part of the march.

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One Leorcadia Nhachi, a trader related that a group of Zanu PF youth ordered all vendors to leave their wares at home tomorrow and participate in the march to support Mugabe.

“That’s impossible, I will not be part of that march. Marching in the streets does not bring food to my table; I have kids to feed. Instead of calling for such a march, they should tell us where the $15 billion is. They must fix the economy as a matter of urgency instead of forcing us to gather for something that does not bring food to our tables,” Nhachi stated.

She was referring to the $15 billion which Mugabe said the country lost in diamond.