Zimbabwean Women Are Being Sold As Slaves For $2500 In Kuwait


The poor economic and living conditions in Zimbabwe lured over 200 Zimbabwean women from their country to Kuwait where they hoped to land lucrative jobs, but are now being sold for $2500 to individuals who need cheap labor for a period of over two years.

Reporting this, The Herald related that the women who are stranded in the middle East country are victims of a local human trafficking syndicate. Their travelling documents were reportedly confiscated when they arrived Kuwait and they were sold as housemaids under harsh conditions, not allowed to leave, denied enough food, forced to work for long hours and some forced into prostitution.

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Attempts made by some of the women to escape failed as they usually “fall prey to forced prostitution or to criminals who exploit their illegal status.”

Charity Charamba, chief police spokesperson confirmed this incident when she called on the citizens of the nation to quit responding to advertisements offering to take them away from Zimbabwe for unemployment under shady arrangements.

“We would like to urge the public, especially the youths not to respond to such advertisements because they will be risking their lives…(and) end up being slaves in foreign countries,” she said.

Speaking about this, Zim’s Home Affairs Minister – Dr Ignatius Chombo disclosed that the government have set up a Human Anti-Trafficking Inter-Ministerial Committee to manage the problem.

According to Chombo, human trafficking “has affected millions of people and it has turned into a multi-billion-dollar industry where a few individuals are benefiting from violating vulnerable groups. The crime of trafficking in persons can occur within the country of trans-nationally,” Chombo added.

As reported, Kuwait’s government “does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking and is not making sufficient efforts to do so.”

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