Zimbabwean Husbands Are Being Beaten Up By Their Wives


Perhaps it’s the hardship and the difficult economic condition of the country that has empowered Zimbabwean wives to be violent towards their spouses. For one thing, wives are usually the most frustrated in homes where hardship and poverty are thriving. They have to worry about the hungry kids and practically take on the burden of providing for the home as the husbands resort to gambling and getting drunk to survive their humiliating living standard.

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That was just a proposition attempting to explain the unusual phenomenon. I mean, in the long history of domestic violence, women are believed to be the victims. Why is the table now turned? Not less than 2414 men according to a report on The Herald, have “swallowed their pride and approached the magistrates’ courts suing for domestic violence. Statistics from the courts show that men are being battered in the(ir) home(s) and are now gathering courage to approach the courts for recourse.”


“Although women still dominate as victims of domestic violence,” the report stated that “men are also exercising their right to protection of the law by reporting their abusive wives.” While 2414 men reported that their wives are bullying them at home between January and November, records from the magistrates’ court showed that the court received 2538 application from men regarding the same issue the previous year.

Commenting on the trend, a legal expert, Wellngton Paspanodya stated that;

Males In Zimbabwe have an ‘alpha’ image they portray and as such sometimes it is seen as an embarrassment for men to be seen reporting to the police complaining about domestic violence. It is therefore commendable that over 2000 men were brave enough to approach the authority for protection…about two in five of all victims of domestic violence are men, contradicting the widespread impression that it is almost always women who are left battered and bruised… Men attacked by wives or girlfriend is much higher than thought. The shock is particularly induced by the fact that domestic violence is often seen as a female victim-male perpetrator problem. But the evidence demonstrates that this is a false picture.”

Similarly, another lawyer identified as Ms Tambudzai Gonese commented that men have always been the silent victims of domestic violence in the country. According to Gonese, “men also suffer from domestic violence, but have traditionally kept quite due to gender stereotype. At least, men are now coming forward because of the changes in socialization that have recognized that men can suffer just as much as women.”

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