Mugabe’s Support Pillar, Zimbabwe War Veterans Have Thrown Him Off The Ship


BuzzSouthAfrica has gathered that Zimbabwe war veterans have severed ties with President Robert Mugabe.

Though it is still unclear whether all Zimbabwe’s war veterans consented to the decision; but a statement issued by the association indicates that the former liberation fellows have abandoned Mugabe.

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The statement, issued on Thursday after a meeting of representatives from across the country reads: “We note, with concern, shock and dismay, the systematic entrenchment of dictatorial tendencies, personified by the president and his cohorts, which have slowly devoured the values of the liberation struggle.”

Reports had it that the statement did not only voice out the mind of the veterans but it also represented the views of the senior military figures – whom Mugabe relies heavily on in his bid to remain in power.

Zimbabwe War Veterans Were Mugabe’s Support Pillar

In Mugabe’s 36 years in power, he has always relied on the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association; who are his former comrades in Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle in the 1970s and support pillar against oppositions.

Mugabe’s former allies also accused him of dictatorial tendencies; egocentrism and misrule.

The aggrieved war veterans vowed not to support his re-election campaign and also accused him of neglecting them for the Zanu-PF’s youth league – who he recently turned to for his re-election bid.

“We are dismayed by the president’s tendency to indulge, in his usual vitriol against perceived enemies, including peaceful protesters, as well as war veterans, when the economy is on its knees,” their statement added.


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Zimbabwe, under the leadership of 92-year-old Robert Mugabe is currently undergoing economic crisis.

Banks across the country are currently out of cash and the government is apparently struggling to pay civil servants.

Sadly, Zimbabweans are frustrated by the country’s rapidly deteriorating economy, currency crisis and alleged corruption.

Meanwhile, government is yet to comment on the traumatic issue.

Mugabe came to power when Zimbabwe, formerly known as Rhodesia, won independence from white rule in 1980.

Amid public outcry against his overdue leadership, he has repeatedly said he plans to run again in 2018 and rule until he dies.