Who Wants Mzansi To Be Like Zimbabwe? EFF Does


You may think Zimbabwe is the perfect example of a junk State due to the nation’s ‘nasty’ economy which has been steadily blamed on the land reform policy of the country. You may believe Mugabe’s nation is one country South Africa oughtn’t be like. However, keep those thoughts and beliefs to yourself. Don’t bother the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) with them. For as far as the fighters are concerned, Zimbabwe remains South Africa’s inspiration.

This is based on an EFF statement on Zimbabwe Independence Day which said – “Zimbabwe remains an inspiration to the South African liberation struggle in particular the lesson that without the land, decolonization is incomplete and a social time bomb.”

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The fighters are proud of Zimbabwe because “with all its weakness”, and being isolated by the world big forces through sanctions for returning land to native Zimbabweans, the nation “stood the test of time”.

Juju’s party said they are inspired by the Zimbabweans. And that their historic lesson will inform how the party will engage in the struggle to return land to its rightful owners in South Africa. That, according to EFF, is necessary for the emancipation of “our people”.

Nevertheless, EFF said Zimbabwe’s “path to liberation is a great example of what should be done, and what should not be done in our own struggle of economic freedom.”

That, hints that the land take over agenda of the EFF might differ from what happened in Zimbabwe.

You’ll recall that Malema expressed similar sentiment when he addressed students at the Oxford union in the United Kingdom. Then, he re-pledged the allegiance of his party to carry on the fight for the return of land to black South Africans. But he indicated that EFF’s approach wouldn’t be similar to what Zimbabwe did.

“We are not going to do what the Zimbabweans have done,” Malema said. “Drawing the blood of innocent people…We cannot have people killed, injured because you want your land back.”

Zimbabwe remains South Africa’s inspiration nonetheless. The party thanked Zimbabweans for planting the “important step forward in the attainment of the African Revolution.” Stating that South Africa’s “liberation is unthinkable without their contribution.”

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