Zimbabwe Government Mocks ‘Falsely Radical’ And ‘Impressionable’ Malema Over Cheap Talks


The Zimbabwe government has lambasted EFF leader, Julius Malema for being a coward.

The Mugabe led-government simply described Malema as a “young and impressionable” leader; who has turned himself into a weapon that fights against liberation movements “on behalf of imperialism”.

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In a statement on Friday, Zimbabwe’s information minister, Chris Mushohwe, slated the radical leader for openly declaring his support for violent protesters whose ill­-fated “shutdown of Zimbabwe” was funded by Western imperialist governments.

Mushohwe’s criticism follows Malema’s recently tweet that his party; EFF, was on the side of the violent Zimbabwe protesters and that they were going to win “just like the country did in 1980”.

Mushohwe wrote:

“His laughable attempt at turning himself into a trans­boarder [sic] politician on behalf of reactionary forces in the region and beyond, exposes his agenda as falsely radical and uninformed by facts on the ground, or by interests of racially oppressed peoples of Southern Africa.

“Zimbabweans cannot understand how a politician who purports to support land restitution in his own country; South Africa, and in other countries in the region affected by settler colonialism; can suddenly turn around to support and celebrate politics and political activities which white activists of erstwhile settler landowners in Zimbabwe represented by Ben Freeth find hospitable.

“Much worse, Zimbabweans who cherish peace and reject politics of violent and destructive demonstrations as shown by their rejection of the failed lockdown called for this week, cannot understand, let alone appreciate, how a politician masquerading as an economic freedom fighter sides with fringe political upstarts bent on reversing the gains of the liberation struggle.”

The Minister added that Zimbabwe’s ruling party, Zanu­PF, cannot be challenged or impugned by politicians of Malema’s ilk who delight and revel in the company of apartheid political bed­mates.

Mushohwe likened Malema to politicians who have failed to appreciate that Zimbabwe has been under crippling illegal Western sanctions for more than a decade and a half.

The Minister further gave Malema a piece of his mind by reminding him that Zimbabwe’s 1980 victory did not just happen but was brought by the revolutionary Zanu­PF.

He however assured the South African leader that Zimbabwe will survive and prosper through its own efforts and with the support of ‘genuine allies and friends’.

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Recall that Malema visited president Mugabe in 2010 while he was still president of the ANC Youth League.

During his visit to Zimbabwe, Malema referred to Mugabe as his friend and slammed Zimbabwe government opposition party MDC and its leader then, Morgan Tsvangirai.

He also commended president Mugabe for forcefully taking back land from white farmers.