Zodwa Wabantu Biography: Dissecting Her Real Age and How She Got into Dancing

Zodwa Wabantu (born 30th October 1985) is a 38 year-old South African media personality, dancer, and socialite who gained notoriety for the controversies that seem to follow her every move, going head to head with her career. 

Zodwa has gone from having her nose to grindstone to becoming rich, famous, and one of the most entertaining celebrities in the country and beyond. A self-acclaimed ‘pantyless dancer’, she has become a media personality of a kind. She owns a show called ‘Zodwa Wabantu: Uncensored’ and is also a dancer whose big name has been accompanied by controversies, yet there is no sign of her taking a break as the  continues to go big, entertain, and make a good income off of her unique skills.

Although Zodwa has not kept what many may deem private, private, her personal life is something that not too many have a good grasp of.

Summary of Zodwa Wabantu’s Biography

  • Full name: Zodwa Wabantu
  • Nickname: Pantyless Dancer
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: October 30, 1985
  • Birthplace: Soweto, South Africa
  • Zodwa Wabantu’s Age: 38 Years Old
  • Ethnicity: African
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpion
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Zodwa Wabantu’s Height in Centimetres: 164
  • Zodwa Wabantu’s Weight: 68 Kg
  • Body measurements in inches: 36-30-38
  • Shoe Size (UK): 6
  • Famous for: Her controversial clothes and dance moves
  • Zodwa Wabantu’s Instagram: zodwalibramoficial
  • Zodwa Wabantu Triumphed Over A Difficult Childhood
Zodwa Wabantu
Zodwa Wabantu (Image Source)

She was birthed into a humble home and, unfortunately, by the time she was 11, she had already lost her mum. Since then, she continued to have many challenges in life as nothing became easy for her while growing up. Without a mother at such an early age, she learned to stand up for herself very early in life.

Her father, however, was not in the picture, but good enough for her, she had her grandmother, Maureen Ndaba, who would spend years looking after her until she decided to go out, work and make ends meet. More so, she has kept all info about having any siblings personal.

In terms of education, Zodwa failed to pass her 12th grade (matric) exam and has put only a little history out to the public. When she was 16, the controversial dancer left home to start making a life for herself. She stayed with her friend for a while as she continued to hustle her way through. The first job she took was as a bar lady in The Rock, a club that has since shut down.

She continued to push herself until she became widely known for her talent. That however does not stop her from having a life outside of her media personality and dancing jobs.

She Started Dancing as a Way Out of Poverty

Zodwa would live life every day as it offered itself to her while growing up. Hunger took its rage on her and made her fight to survive. This fight for survival led her to leave home at the age of 16 to start doing several odd jobs, including dancing. In the midst of these, she landed herself a job at a debt collection company but continued to entertain as a dancer in several clubs in Durban. Fame reached her after pictures and videos of her dance at the Eyadina lounge made waves on social media.

From dancing at clubs in Durban, she earned the ‘Vosho Queen’ title because of her popular Vosho dance move. She further had herself watched keenly by admirers, other clubs, and at many other events. She has earned the spot of the leading dance lady of the Eyadina lounge, found in uMlazi and Kwazulu-Natal. At the moment, she has been signed to DJ Tira’s record label and is been managed by DJ Tira.

Equally important, Wabantu’s dance has been described differently by different people from sexy, not so appropriate for under-aged people, off-limits, and talented amidst other descriptions. While dancing, she enjoys wearing revealing clothes, dancing with just underwear, and in many cases, she dances without wearing underpants. It is, for this reason, she has claimed the name of ‘Pantyless dancer’ among others.

Also for her sense of dressing, she was banned from dancing in Zimbabwe in 2017, and the then-president Mugabe also vented his anger towards her for not being ‘decent’. Furthermore, she does not shy away from doing a lot of crazy things when she takes charge of the stage with her skills. In 2019 while dancing on stage, she removed her underpants and flagged it off for fans. Even though she has been heavily criticized for her extreme behavior on and off stage, the dancer seems to enjoy doing her thing her own way.

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Aside from the above-mentioned, she is further popular for the many other controversies surrounding her. Among them include saying she’ll have her husband adopt her name after marriage; proposing to her then 24-year-old boyfriend in 2019, showing off her private parts on social media, alleged preying on young men for the said flirty comments she makes to young stars on social media, getting married to herself, and for many other reasons.

In her career, she has been recognized and an award was given to her for her drama in 2017 by the Feathers Awards. In fact, the award ceremony gave many a lot to talk about, especially regarding her dressing where she decided to show off her cloth with a bear underneath. As memorable as it was for her, The Feathers Awards and Thami Dish Foundation ripped her off the award in 2019 for making what was viewed as “insensitive comments about the LGBTQI+ community” on DSTV Moja Love channel in an episode of Zodwa Wabantu: Uncensored.

Zodwa Wabantu’s House and Cars Show her Successes

As aforementioned, she has gathered both fame and wealth over the course of years with the dance. According to some sources, Zodwa’s appearance fee in an event is R35,000 which is an equivalent of $2,371, and is said to be paid about a million rands for her TV show. Her net worth is R1.3 million.

Wabantu wastes no time in sharing many aspects of her life with her followers on social media; including Instagram where she shared the picture of her then uncompleted house she is proud to call hers. Probably completed now, the house is located at Nelspruit, has two garages, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a dining area, and a kitchen.

In addition, she was left heartbroken earlier in 2020 when she was visited by robbers. She took to her Instagram page to share her heartbreak and how lucky she was that there was no one home at the time of the robbery, or she probably would have been raped or killed.

She has shared other properties she owns on social media including an Audi that she bought in 2018 and a Volkswagen in 2019.

Her Private and Love Life Has Also Seen Many Interesting And Controversial Turns

Zodwa Wabantu
Zodwa Wabantu and her ex-lover, Ntobeko Linda (Image Source)

The love life of Zodwa Wabantu has, like other aspects of her life, given fans so much to talk about. She is a mother of one and has on many occasions shared some things about her son who was born in 2006. According to the controversial dancer, she doesn’t know the father of her son.

However, she once had a three-year romantic affair with wealthy businessman Mandla Mthembu. Mandla was previously married to media personality Khanyi Mbau. Basically, the two women shared a man – not at different times but the same.

Zodwa is reportedly not certain about the father of her son, but he might be Mandla’s son. Her son Vuyo is of the same age as Mbau’s daughter. Because of this, the two women are of the opinion that the two kids might be siblings.

The socialite dated a man 10 years younger than her named Ntobeko Linda for more than five years. They got very close that at a point, they almost got married after she proposed to him with a gold ring worth R5, 217 for him, and an R47 000B ring for herself in 2019. However, they broke up a few weeks to the wedding because according to Zodwa, Linda had become too much for her. More so, she expected him to fight for her but he didn’t. According to him, she knew the truth about the breakup but did not want to say it.

The dancer is currently in a relationship with Vusi Buthelezi, who is still in his early 20s. she is more than 10 years older than him. The tall lanky Vusi is only a year younger than her ex-man, Linda. When she first saw her new beau, she walked up to him and proposed business, but with no time, it turned to love. Vusi is currently a student at Durban University of Technology as well as a graphics designer.

She has looked after her body which is her greatest asset in some ways 

In 2019, she was injected with Lipodissolve to aid her body fat burn and make her look younger and fresh. In the same year, Zodwa had her breast lifted, and her private part tightened. A lot of parts of these procedures were shared by her on her Instagram page that has 1.2 million followers.

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