Zim Mom Slashes-off Son’s D**k Saying It’s Extra Large For His Age


Reports from Zimbabwe has it that a two-year-old boy lost the gigantic fella between his legs after his mom slashed it off saying the Mr. D is too big for the lad.

After the incident happened, the boy was rushed to Mpilo Central Hospital in Bulawayo.

The good news is the kid surviving the horrific attack on his God-given d**k. However, he must now live the rest of his life without the dear friend.

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You’re wondering if the mum is crazy huh? Well, it’s fair to assert she is.

From our gatherings, the mum from Magwegwe North suburb is a psychiatric patient. She was taken to Ingutsheni Central Hospital after the incident.

Now, authorities are searching for a suitable Children’s Home where the kid will be taken to when he’s discharged from the Bulawayo hospital.

Reporting this, Chronicle related that an anonymous relative of the Magwegwe woman confirmed the incident. She disclosed that a police report was made saying:

“We were shocked when we heard that she had cut her son’s privates. Neighbors said she called them screaming for help after chopping the manhood which she described as too big for his age.

“We’re equally shocked and sad that the boy will live without his manhood for the rest of his life. It was a traumatic incident and we hope both him and the mother will recover.”

When Dr Xolani Ndlovu, the acting clinical director at Mpilo Central Hospital was approached to offer a comment about the incident, he said: “I’m sorry I’m not in a position to confirm or deny if there is indeed such a patient as it involves a minor.”

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Nevertheless, a nurse who begged to remain anonymous offered that the kid suffered an amputation which was psychologically painful.

“This child came here…and we didn’t see the piece of the cut manhood. We have been treating and nursing him since then as his mother had to be taken to Ingutsheni Central Hospital.

“She had become a hazard to the child and other patients as she exhibited violent tendencies,” added the nurse.