Zimbabwe Coup: US, China And SA Region Knew Of The Plot Against Mugabe


While Zimbabweans protest against Mugabe’s refusal to let go of the presidential seat, it’s been confirmed that the US and China and all the Southern African region are aware of the coup plot against Mugabe.

BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that the two western countries had scheduled the coup to take be executed in December, ahead of the Zanu-PF special congress, but had to be brought forward when vice-president Emmerson Mnangagwa was fired.

According to the information, the coup plot against Mugabe was hatched by a group of military, political players and diplomats in the bid to stop the governing Zanu-PF from making First Lady Grace Mugabe her husband’s successor.

Several governments in the Southern African region and the ones abroad were informed about the planned coup plot against Mugabe, giving them further details on why this was necessary for the country.

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There was an agreement that there would be no military intervention and that there would be no bloodshed the overthrow should not be characterised as a coup.

Mugabe has been facing a growing call for him to step down following ZANU-PF sacking him as its president.

The 93-year-old addressed the nation on Sunday after the governing party issued him a deadline of noon on Monday to resign or face impeachment.

Emmerson Mnangagwa was elected on Sunday as the new leader of the Zanu-PF and positioned to take over as the country’s leader.

Mugabe, however, seems to have turned down the order by his party as he refused to announce his resignation during his speech on Sunday.

In a statement delivered in Harare he claimed military intervention, which saw him placed under house arrest four days ago, was no challenge to his authority.

The news means widespread disappointment for those who thought they were witnessing the end of the Mugabe era as Mugabe ended his speech by saying he will preside over an upcoming conference of the ruling Zanu-PF party.

“we cannot be guided by bitterness or revengefulness which would not make us any better … Zimbabweans” he said, suggesting that he has no immediate intention of stepping down.

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Mugabe also cited the legacy of Zimbabwe’s brutal liberations wars of the 1970s, said he believed that the military “operation” launched last Tuesday by army commanders was motivated by “a deep patriotic concern for the stability of the nation” and “did not amount to a threat to our well-cherished constitutional order”.

“I am aware that many developments have occurred in the party, given the failings of the past, and anger they might have triggered in some quarters …. [but] I am confident that from tonight our whole nation will put shoulder to the wheel,” Mugabe said.