Zille’s Colonialism Tweets: Pearl Thusi Tells Premier To Fly Away Like A Sparrow


Western Cape premier Helen Zille’s colonialism tweets sparked outrage in the country on Thursday, causing the premier to hug headlines.

Consequently, Zille saw herself in hot water as everybody seems to frown at her comment on how positively colonialism impacted South Africa. Also, internationally acclaimed actress Pearl Thusi has added her voice to the raging debate making its rounds on social media.

Zille’s colonialism tweets caused quite a stir after she tweeted that people should take note that colonialism wasn’t all bad.

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“For those claiming legacy of colonialism was only negative‚ think of our independent judiciary‚ transport infrastructure‚ piped water etc‚” Zille tweeted.

Apparently, the nation didn’t find the politician’s comment funny and didn’t waste any time in letting her know. Thus, in a series of tweets, Pearl joined forces with most of the nation to lambaste Zille.

The actress blatantly told the Western Cape Premier to return stolen land before bragging about how the country has benefited from colonialism.

“Helen tell your people to give our land back before you try remind us how lucky we are that our ancestors were killed for hospitals. Tsek”

Particularly, the actress explained that she was dying with anger that Zille could easily forget about the people whose sweat and blood built the hospitals and other facilities in the country.

Pearl isn’t done yet. She also gave a new name to Zille, making reference to Penny Sparrow who caused a stir in SA in 2016 over racism comments. Accordingly, she labelled her “Helen Sparrow”.

Referring to Zille’s later comment that she was boarding a plane to get away from all the hate, Pearl tweeted;

Also, politicians including Zille’s political party leader Mmusi Maimane kicked against Zille’s colonialism tweets. Maimane acknowledged she was out of line.

And though Zille has rendered an apology for the tweet, she might still face some disciplinary actions.