Zille’s Apology Confirmed SA Is A Tale Of Two Evils – EFF 


Once more, it has been confirmed that South Africa is a tale of two evils. This time, the confirmation was made by the Democratic Alliance (DA) party and Helen Zille’s apology for her controversial colonial tweets.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) expressed the sentiment above in a statement it issued concerning the DA and Zille’s apology.

Yesterday, BuzzSouthAfrica reported that the Western Cape Premier apologised for her infamous colonial tweets.

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Reacting to Zille’s apology, the Fighters expressed disappointment concerning DA’s unwillingness to extend the sanctions imposed on Zille to her position as premier.

“Zille was exposed as an untransformed racist who had to shove her directionless pride like a tail between her two legs.

“However, the reality is that she represents the views and sentiments of many white people in our country.

“Anti-black racism is precisely exacerbated in the psyche of liberal whites who think they possess struggle credentials.

“They suffer because they do not know that what often drove them to fight colonisation and apartheid was precisely the patronising messianism which is rooted in the very racist idea that black people cannot liberate themselves without white contribution,” stated the Fighters.

Having said that, the party asserted that South Africa is a tale of two evils.

“As a country, we are in a difficult position of having to choose between kleptocracy and colonialists, gangsters and racists.

“This will continue to be the reality even in 2019 unless we rise above, towards a choice of a radical and progressive left movement that will crush both evils,” EFF added.

The party upheld that a future which is truly free, peaceful and just must “transcends both kleptocracy and racists who think colonisation was a good evil.”

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Above all, the Fighters stressed that they are not in any alliance or coalition with the DA.

“We have no relationship with them, none whatsoever. We do not owe them anything in the same way we do not owe anything to the ANC gangsters.

“Our faith lies in a future without both in government, which can happen in 2019,” EFF specified.

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