Western Cape Cabinet To Receive Devices Enabling Them Change Traffic Lights


Late arrival to work and meeting among cabinet members would soon be a thing of the past in Western Cape province. The burden of coming to work and meetings behind schedule by cabinet members was gladly shouldered by the province’s premier Helen Zille.

The premier said that with her latest idea…

“None of our Cabinet Ministers will ever be late. It’s part of our good governance strategy.”

Zile said this on Friday morning.

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Speaking on the latest development, the premier announced that members of her cabinet would receive a remote-control device that would allow them change traffic lights from red to green whenever they get stuck in traffic jam.

The need for the innovation got strengthened after many of Zile’s cabinet members bemoaned that they often arrive to meetings behind schedule because of traffic jam.

Furthermore, reports said that Western Cape’s Minister for Transport and Public Works‚ Donald Grant‚ met with numerous Information Technology professionals before giving a nod for the green light rollout.

Speaking further on how the device works, the premier Zile said,

“It basically works like your TV remote control. As you approach the traffic light‚ you can just change it from red to green‚ all at the click of a button.”

The premier’s kind gesture was greeted with loud and massive cheers. Reacting, the minister of Economic Opportunities Alan Winde expressed happiness over the development and thanked premier Zille for the ”great idea.”

Winde added that this development has really distinguished Western Cape province, in the sense that while other provinces made use of blue light convoy (which, according to him is usually loud), Western Cape would be pulling through traffic delays just with a remote control device.

Winde said;

“When we visit Gauteng and those other provinces‚ blue light convoys are a bit much. They are loud and disruptive. But in the Western Cape‚ we’ll be quiet about it. Just a click of a button and we can go through to our meetings with no delay.”

We will recall that few days ago, two ladies lost their lives in a tragic accident involving KwaZulu-Natal Premier Senzo Mchunu’s ‘blue light convoy.

The two women who were travelling in a Toyota Yaris collided with a Ford Ranger bakkie, which was part of Mchunu’s VIP support contingent. Painfully, the women died at the scene of the accident at about 7.30pm while occupants of the VIP vehicle sustained minor injuries.

Meanwhile, the province has charged the public to be vigilant when approaching traffic lights as there is every possibility for it to change colours at any time, especially if a provincial minister is within.

Be that as it may, it is pertinent to note that traffic light is a road signal for directing vehicular traffic by means of colored lights. Typically,  red indicates ‘stop’, green indicates ‘go’ while yellow indicates ‘proceed with caution’.

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