The Verdict Is In! The Accused In Zephany Nurse Kidnapping Case Sentenced


The evil men do tends to haunt them till the end. After a year and a half of court proceedings, the Zephany Nurse kidnapping case has finally come to an end.

The 52-year-old accused was sentenced to an effective 10 years behind bars for snatching a three-day-old infant from her sleeping mother’s arms at the Groote Schuur Hospital.

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The Western Cape High Court dished out the sentence today following the incident that took place in 1997.

Consequently, the 52-year-old got 14 years for kidnapping, of which four years have been suspended.

In addition, she also received five years for fraud and another five years for contravening sections of the Children’s Act. The sentences will run concurrently as punishment for the crime committed almost two decades ago.

The Lavender Hill resident was found guilty of kidnapping, fraud and of contravening sections of the Children’s Act by Judge Hlophe.

According to Judge Hlophe, in order to protect the society and prevent crime, justice has to be served. The kidnapper was told that she had to be punished for the offence to set an example for aspiring offenders.

In order words, the punishment given to the accused in the Zephany Nurse kidnapping case serves as a warning to anyone who may wish to commit similar crimes in the future.

During the sentencing, Judge Hlophe repeatedly emphasized that the kidnapper never showed any remorse. Also, she did not feel guilty over the kidnapping.

Meanwhile, the biological family of Zephany Nurse has welcomed the 10-year sentence handed to the woman who took her away 19 years ago.

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“No, we don’t have any emotions, we feel good that it’s done,” said her paternal grandmother.

However, as the verdict was passed, there were mixed emotions. Angry members of the kidnapper’s family hurled abuses at the Nurse family.

Apparently, they didn’t see the sentence as a fair one.