Zenzo Mahlangu: Did You Know The Cosatu Boss Is A Zimbabwean National?


If you know Zenzo Mahlangu, you’ll readily testify that he has been it the forefront of some disturbing happenings in South Africa, and a pain in Cosatu’s butt.

Mr Mahlangu is the general secretary of South African Transport and Allied Workers’ Union (SATAWU) and also, an ANC branch member. He was once acquitted of charges related to the abuse of the union’s funds.

Words on the street even associated Mahlangu with the assassination of SATAWU’s Gauteng leader, Chris Nkosi. Albeit it has not been substantiated that Mahlangu is involved in Nkosi’s assassination.

Nkosi was severely shot and killed while he was driving home sometimes in May 2015.

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Not long past, Zenzo Mahlangu troubled COSATU for endorsing Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa as the next leader of the ANC. He went about proclaiming that SATAWU wouldn’t support Ramaphosa’s ambition to become ANC’s President like its mother body – COSATU.

In a nutshell, Zenzo Mahlangu has been actively involved in the politics of South Africa in such a manner that would make anyone accusing him of not being a citizen of South Africa sound like a lunatic.

But, it has emerged that the man isn’t a citizen of Mzansi. He is a Zimbabwean national and BuzzSouthAfrica has confirmed that he has been deported to the country led by Robert Mugabe.

As learnt, the department of Home Affairs deported Mr Mahlangu after its investigation into his nationality exposed that he’s not a citizen of South Africa and has been living in the country without the necessary permits.

Confirming this, Home Affairs spokesperson David Hlabane related that Mahlangu was arrested and deported.

“Home affairs received information that Mr Mahlangu was in possession of a South African identity document that identified him as a South African citizen by birth, while he is actually a Zimbabwean national.

“The matter was investigated and it was found that he had acquired the South African identity document through misrepresentation,” Hlabane disclosed.

With that, the spokesperson further divulged that Zenzo Mahlangu was deported the same day he was arrested which was on 4th May.

“…He chose not to exercise his right to challenge the deportation but opted to purchase his own flight ticket and depart immediately instead of being deported through Lindela,” Hlabane related.

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Nonetheless, SATAWU’s spokesperson, Zanele Sabela has maintained that Mahlangu is in South Africa and was neither arrested or deported.

“He was not arrested or deported…That kind of a narrative has been perpetuated to membership (on) Facebook by splinter unions out of SATUWU,” she told City Press.

Commenting on the issue, Ephraim Mphahlele of National Transport Movement (NTM) – SATAWU splinter union – talked about concerns surrounding Mahlangu’s inability to speak the South African version of isiNdebele.

Mphahlele also pointed out that people sometimes suspect that Zenzo Mahlangu’s name isn’t Zenzo Mahlangu. But then, denied that they informed Home Affairs about the doubts surrounding Mahlangu’s nationality.

“We couldn’t get to the bottom of that. We are not involved. There are a number of splinter groups from SATAWU,” stated the NTM general secretary.

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Another general secretary from another SATAWU splinter union – Democratised Transport Logistics and Allied Workers’ Union (DETAWU) – remarked that they don’t have anything to do with SATAWU’s shenanigans.

“Our preoccupation”, Vusi Ntshangase said, “is to build DETAWU. If there are issues in SATAWU, they need to clear those with the department of home affairs and the police.

“If they have people in the country illegally, they must be assisted to go back home and be given free transport,” Ntshangase added.