Zapiro’s Latest Cartoon: ANCWL Thinks It’s Mocking Rape Victims 


The African National Congress Women’s League (ANCWL) condemns Zapiro’s latest cartoon upholding that it undermines the plight of women in South Africa.

To ANCWL, Zapiro’s latest cartoon which depicted South Africa as a woman being sexually violated by President Zuma and his cronies, is mocking rape victims in the country.

Acknowledging the freedom of expression enshrined in SA Constitution, ANCWL contended that Zapiro is abusing the freedom with his cartoons.

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The Women’s League  pointed-out that rape is an epidemic in South Africa. With that, they argued that political satire shouldn’t make mockery of the most violent act a woman could encounter.

Excerpts from the statement ANCWL issued read:

“ANCWL is appalled by the latest Jonathan Shapiro (Zapiro) cartoon…In a country as South Africa where women are sexually violated daily, Zapiro’s cartoon is insensitive, distasteful and an insult to those who have suffered from the injustice of rape.

…The cartoon also carries a racial undertone and perpetuates the stereotype that black man remain onlookers in the face of any injustice.

As the ANCWL we wish to reiterate our position that we will continue to fight against the portrayal of women as objects and their bodily integrity that reflects a degeneration of societal values, under the disguise of freedom of speech and freedom of expression using the President to undermine women.”

Based on the foregoing, ANCWL demanded of Zapiro to apologies to all women of South Africa, especially rape survivors. Also, the league urged South Africans to protect the dignity of women and condemn the “insensitive Zapiro cartoon.” Checkout the cartoon below.

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In another statement, ANCWL wished President Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma “a happy blessed birthday.”

Acknowledging Mr Zuma as the current President of the ANC and the State President of South Africa, ANCWL asserted that he is passionate about peace in Africa.

The Women’s League reaffirmed its support for President Zuma recalling that he was a “former Robben Island prisoner who served a 10 year prison sentence” during the struggle against apartheid.

According to ANCWL, Zuma is passionate about the education of an African child and has been in the forefront of funding studies for poor students at various tertiary institutions.