Not Again Mugabe, You’re 92!


Reports from Zimbabwe says the ancient leader of the country, Robert Mugabe will be endorsed as the country’s ruling party’s presidential candidate for elections in 2018.

According to the reports, Zimbabwe’s ruling party – ZANU-PF – pronounced that the 92-year-old president will surely be endorsed to contest leading the South African country again.

ZANU-PF’s secretary for administration, Ignatius Chombo reportedly divulged that Mugabe will get the endorsement at the party’s annual conference this week.

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Although it’s a common opinion that ‘everything is falling apart in Zim under Mugabe’s watch’, Chombo asserted that Mugabe must be handed the chance to lead the country again.

To him, Mugabe’s leadership comes with uncommon “wisdom and unity”.

Addressing his party’s Central Committee ahead of a two-day annual conference starting tomorrow, Mugabe said:

“There is nothing wrong in expressing an ambition, an aspiration, aspiring for position in leadership or for any other higher post in the party.”

With that, he condemned the “dirty politics” among members of ZANU-PF saying:

“I have…frowned upon shameless and unbridled ambition, which seeks to ride roughshod over others. The tradition of our party is never one of bickering over party positions.”

Uncle Bob is the only leader Zimbabweans have ever known. He started leading the country since 1987 as Prime Minister.

And, has always maintained that he would lead Zimbabwe ‘until God says come’. Also, members of his family have asserted on many occasions that Robert will lead the country eternally.

For instance, Mugabe’s wife once said: “President Mugabe is an unparalleled leader and because you have stuck to principle even in the face of sanctions, your people now believe you.

“We want you to remain our leader. We want you to lead this country from your grave, while you lie at the National Heroes’ Acre.”

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Recently, Mrs Mugabe got the internet buzzing after she declared herself the only persons to take over from Mugabe if the old leader decides to step down.

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