Zandspruit Protests Cost Businessman R500K Worth Of Goods


A business owner in Zandspruit Erl Saunders allegedly lost over R500,000 worth of goods, as his shop was among the lot looted during the jovernight Zandspruit protests action.

It was doomsday for a lot of business owners in Zandspruit as the recent protests that erupted in the area led to the vandalization of their businesses which has left them devastated and frustrated.

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Tons of community members took the issue of not having electricity since Monday to the streets at night. In the wake of the protests, violence erupted and at least two cars were torched, a lot of the business shops were ransacked and goods worth a fortune were looted from them.

Erl Saunders who was among the businessmen forced to close down their shops, lamented that his business has suffered a major setback after protesters broke into his building and carted away whatever they could carry.

Saunders expressed his anger and frustration over the matter because he lost goods worth thousands during the course of the Zandspruit protests.

“Our offices have been ransacked, not one piece left. All our stuff stolen, everything! That’s 20 years of work disappeared!” he lamented.

Meanwhile, agitated residents have maintained that they will not relent until power is restored in the area not minding that the police are monitoring the situation.

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11 people have been arrested by the police in connection the Zandspruit protests and the situation in the area has been reported as calm by police’s Kay Makhubela. The arrested residents will be charged with public violence, theft and malicious destruction of property.

“So far the total number of arrests today is 11. They will be charged with public violence and malicious damage to property as well as business burglary” he said.

Police also said they will remain in the area and keep watch until everything returns to its normal state.