Zahara’s Lobola Negotiations Reaches A Compromise


Zahara’s lobola negotiations have officially reached a conclusion irrespective of former speculations that it had hit the rocks.

According to reports that streamed in on Thursday, sources who attended the negotiations claimed that there was no agreement between the prospective in-laws.

This contradicts what Zahara revealed during a previous interview.

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However, the singer slammed the report which she tagged as ‘false’.

Besides, there’s no more doubt that the two families have reached an agreement on Zahara’s lobola negotiations. They unanimously agreed that Amaza’s family will be paying 20 cows for her.

Zahara revealed the good news at the time when everyone was calling her out for “lying” that the negotiations had been concluded. Thus, Zahara proudly revealed that an agreement has been reached‚ and her family will receive 20 cows from the Ntshanga family.

“The Ntshanga family came to the house as part of the lobola ceremony. They (Ntshangas) asked how many cows and the prices of cows. These are not just any cows. The two families agreed on an amount for lobola. They signed the agreement and‚ like the tradition goes‚ the Ntshanga’s will be back to make the payment‚” she said.

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Subsequently, there will be a welcoming ceremony to usher in the son-in-law into their family. The ceremony will begin with Ntshanga, with his family posse, spending the night with Zahara’s family.

It will then come to an end in the morning when the son-in-law will get to meet the men in the family. Zahara’s father will conclude the process by presenting her to her new family.

There’s no particular date for the occasion yet. But, it’s likely to take place in the first quarter of 2017. We wish her all the best in her journey to marital bliss.